How to Apologize to Your Child

How to Apologize to Your Child

Should You Apologize to Your Child? First things first, right?  Maybe you don’t believe that apologizing to your children is such a good idea.  That was a common belief among a generation of parents.  The idea goes that the parent is always right, even if he or she is wrong.  There are situations in which we need our children to take our word for it and not question us.  Sometimes their safety may depend on Continue Reading →

Homeschool Burnout

Homeschool Burnout

 By:  Lisa, Founder of Rest for the Weary Editor’s Note:  Today we are blessed to have Lisa from Rest for the Weary as a guest poster.  Homeschool burnout is a subject I’ve long wanted to cover, but I didn’t feel that I had enough personal insight to cover it well. Lisa’s website is dedicated to helping parents who face homeschool burnout.  As a mother of 7, she understands the demands of homeschooling well.  Having suffered from Continue Reading →

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Yelling is the new spanking.  While many parents have taken physical punishment out of their discipline toolbox, many have replaced it with yelling. It’s not uncommon for a parent to resort to yelling when they are left with a empty toolbox and no idea how to disipline a child without the tactics that they were shown by their own parents.  Discipline is not always easy, and so parents can come a little unhinged when they are Continue Reading →

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Although I am no longer a vegan, I certainly remember how it felt to participate in meat-centered holiday meals with friends and family when I didn’t eat meat.  When the standard image of Thanksgiving food is a turkey, planning a vegetarian Thanksgiving menu can be tough.   It’s not impossible to have a real food vegetarian Thanksgiving if you plan ahead.  In the end, a meatless Thanksgiving looks more like a collection of typical Thanksgiving side Continue Reading →

Grade Level and Homeschooling

Grade Level and Homeschool

 If you are already a homeschooling parent, you have probably been asked what grade your child is in.  While my children are mostly working at specific grade levels, some subjects are at one grade level while others are at another.  For history and science, I don’t follow any specific grade level curriculum.  History is at the elementary school level and science is at the college level for all three of my children who are currently Continue Reading →

Why I Buy Arrowroot Powder

Why I Buy Arrowroot Powder

I discovered arrowroot powder a few years ago when I began my real food journey.  When I was avoiding grains in order to help improve my digestion I couldn’t use flour or cornstarch (corn is a grain) as a thickener.  Arrowroot powder is an excellent thickener and, as I happily discovered, does not have a negative impact on my digestion.   As I added grains back into my diet, I had concerns about how cornstarch Continue Reading →

20 Minecraft Gifts Under $20

Minecraft Gifts

Do you know anyone who loves Minecraft?  I know three folks who love Minecraft very much.  My boys live and breathe Minecraft.  Whether they are building together or alone, they find the game to be relaxing and fun. As they create their holiday wish list, they are adding Minecraft gifts this year.  I am happy to see several Minecraft items on each of their lists because I’ve found that several of the Minecraft gifts they Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Save Time Daily

Save Time

 We’re all so busy! Who couldn’t use a few tips to help save time daily?  If you’re as busy as I am, sometimes you can’t keep all of the plates spinning.  Friends have often asked me how I do it all — work a full-time job, homeschool three children, attend graduate school, write part-time, have a son on a travel soccer team . . . oh the list goes on.   Of course, as I’ve Continue Reading →

Grass Fed Steak Recipes

Grass Fed Steak Recipes

When I was a child, I hated steak.  One dry, chewy steak was all it took to turn me off from steak.  Fortunately, when I was in my late teens a group of my friends persuaded me to eat with them at a popular steak restaurant and give their steak a try.  I gave in and have never looked back. Years later, when I discovered the nutrition benefits of grass fed beef, I found that Continue Reading →

Contempt in Marriage

Contempt in Marriage

What is contempt? Contempt is easily defined as an emotional mix of anger and disgust.  Contempt is the feeling that something or someone is undeserving of consideration or deserving of scorn.   If you’ve ever said, “Oh, I would never do that!” when referring to the actions of other people, you have expressed contempt toward their actions.  If you’ve ever said, “Oh, I would never be like that!”, then you’ve expressed contempt toward a person. Contempt Continue Reading →

Joy Essential Oil

Benefits of Joy Essential Oil

Before I started using Young Living essential oils, I heard so much about Joy essential oil.  I was excited to find out that the premium starter kit offered the Joy blend as one of the Everyday Essential Oils.   Joy, which is a blend of rose, bergamot, tangerine, ylang ylang, lemon, geranium, jasmine, palmarosa, roman chamomile, and rosewood, is simply luxurious.  It contains some of the most expensive and precious essential oils. The scent is Continue Reading →

30 Free Homeschool Planning Printables

Free Homeschool Planning Printables

Free Printables for Homeschool Organization Need lesson plan printables?  Schedule forms?  Grade book sheets?  Check out these free printables for your homeschooling organization needs. 1. Donna Young’s site is packed full of useful homeschool printables.  From planners to recording keeping, this site has it all covered. 2. Find daily assignment sheets that can be laminated at Homeschool Creations.  Great for planning the day and they are reusable when laminated. 3. These daily Continue Reading →

Grain Free Chicken Nuggets #2

Grain Free Chicken Nuggets

Remember the days before you knew about real food when you could, completely without guilt, dump a bag of frozen chicken nuggets on a baking sheet and call it dinner? Yeah.  Me, too.  Sometimes knowing too much is so inconvenient.  (But it’s worth it!) You may have tried my first grain free chicken nuggets recipes (find it here).  It’s a good one, but sometimes I don’t have time to watch the frying pan while the Continue Reading →

5 Daily Practices for a Healthy Marriage

Healthy Marriage

Today is my husband’s and my anniversary.  We’re celebrating 14 years of wedded . . . ah . . . marriage.  Because as much as I’d love to tell to you that it’s been all bliss, it hasn’t.  Oh, I love him and he loves me —  there is no doubt about that. But love isn’t what keeps us together.   I hate to burst your bubble, but love is not enough for a healthy Continue Reading →

Spinach and Feta Frittata

Spinach and Feta Frittata

First things first– Yes, the kids love it!  Because I know what you’re thinking!   That looks yums, Allison, but spinach and feta?  I have children to feed! I know that it doesn’t seem like a kid-friendly dinner, but my boys loved it.  Any recipe I create has to be approved by my family before it makes it on to the blog.  If they don’t like, I don’t post it.  They are excellent taste testers. Continue Reading →

Children’s Books About Fall

Best Children's Books About Fall

Oh, sweet Autumn!  It’s that time of year again when we all feel a little more snuggly.  There are few things more precious on a cool fall day than snuggling up with my boys (or at least the one who is still young enough to seek impromptu snuggles!) and a good book. One of easiest ways to incorporate a little “unschooling” into your children’s life is through beautiful children’s books.  For the child who thinks Continue Reading →

Thieves Essential Oil

Benefits of Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves essential oil is a great blend of several essential oils that has been used for centuries.  The story of thieves oil tells of a time during the plague in Europe when robbers went from home to home, stealing the belongings of those who had succumbed to the plague.   Despite their exposure to the germs causing the plague, the thieves never fell ill.  When it was demanded that they explain how they were able Continue Reading →

Sirloin Steak with Balsamic Onions, Bacon and Brie

Sirloin Steak with Balsamic Onions Bacon and Brie

 Craving a thick, juicy steak?  Then, I’ve got the perfect recipe for you! This delicious sirloin steak with balsamic onions, bacon and brie will take you to flavor heaven. The best part about this recipe is that the steak itself requires very little effort.  Remove it from the package and put it on the griddle.  Really!  That’s all!  You don’t even salt it until it’s finished cooking.   This recipe lets the natural flavor of Continue Reading →

Lavender Essential Oil

Benefits of Lavender and Essential Oil

One of the first natural remedies I ever used was lavender essential oil.  Only, I tried a brand that I found in my grocery store and was sorely disappointed in the results.  It was only after using a good quality lavender essential oils that I was able to experience the benefits of this precious oil. Lavender essential oil has a strong pine-like, yet slightly floral scent.  I also detect a camphor-like smell.  It’s actually not Continue Reading →

Is Crying It Out Ever Okay?

Crying It Out

Is crying it out ever okay?  As you probably already know, I practice attachment parenting.  Sleeping training, especially crying it out is heavily discouraged in attachment parenting.  Therefore my answer to the previous question might surprise you. Sometimes crying it out is okay.   I know you’ve seen the studies and the articles.  This one that simply calls sleeping training and crying it out bad for babies.  This one from Harvard.  This one that turns the subject Continue Reading →

Easy Shepherd’s Pie

Easy Shepherds Pie

If you want comfort food, you’ve come to the right recipe.  One of my favorite comfort food recipes is my easy shepherd’s pie.  It’s filling and warm and perfect for any weather. Typically, shepherd’s pie is made with lamb or mutton.  For me, lamb can be pricey and mutton is difficult to find, so I use ground beef or ground turkey to make my version of shepherd’s pie.   Did you know that shepherd’s pie Continue Reading →

7 Simple Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Children

How to Spent Quality Time With Kids When You're Busy

We all know that spending quality time with our children is important.  The quality of the time we spent with our children is more important than the quantity of time we spend with them.  While it would be nice to have an unlimited amount of time (and money) to focus on coming up with activities and adventures to stimulate our children and build our relationship with them, most of us don’t.  The good news it Continue Reading →

Homemade Chocolate Milk Syrup

Easy Homemade Chocolate Milk Syrup

Before I understood what real food really was, my boys drank a lot of chocolate milk.  We used both chocolate milk powder and chocolate syrup.  And I thought it was healthy. I mean, it had vitamins added to it.  And “less sugar than other leading brands!”   This is not a part of my SAD story that I’m proud of.   Now that we’re a raw milk (or at least low-temp pasteurized) drinkin’, refined sugar Continue Reading →

Peppermint Essential Oil

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is one of my favorite oils.  I love the crisp scent and the way that it lifts my spirits.  I love Christmas and Winter, so the cool, refreshing scent is an instant happiness boost for me. Peppermint essential oil is made from the leaves and stems of the peppermint plant, which is a hybrid of the spearmint and watermint plants. As one of the most popular essential oils, peppermint packs a powerful Continue Reading →

Natural Cures Summit

Natural Cures Summit Day 4 5 6

Natural Cures Summit Starts on October 6th I am so excited about the Natural Cures Summit next week.  Thirty of biggest names in natural wellness are coming together to give you FREE information.  It’s Christmas in October! If you don’t know what a online summit is, let me tell you more.  An online summit happens completely . . . online. (What?  No!) (Oh, but yes!)  From the comfort of your couch you can listen each Continue Reading →

Quinoa Stuffed Roasted Acorn Squash

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

 I’ve found a new favorite fall recipe!  This quinoa stuffed roasted acorn squash is so delicious and super easy to make.  Although it takes 40 minutes to roast the squash, the prep time for this yummy dish is short. If you’ve never had acorn squash, it tastes similar to butternut squash, but slightly less sweet and a little nuttier instead.  The texture of acorn squash is stringer than butternut, but it is still easy to Continue Reading →

Lemon Essential Oil

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

When I smell lemons I picture a cool glass of lemonade on a summer Saturday afternoon in my Southern childhood home.  I can smell my mother’s lemon oil wood polish and taste her lemon meringue pie.  Regardless of what the scent of lemon brings to mind, it always takes me to a happy place. Isn’t that what those little, lively lemons do?  That bright citrus flavor — the tangy mixed with sweet — it uplifts us. Continue Reading →

Why I Buy Coconut Oil

Why I Buy Coconut Oil

When my family began our real food journey one of the first nutritious foods that we incorporated into our diet was coconut oil.  As many Americans do, I once mistakenly thought that saturated fat was unhealthy.  Of course, now we know that saturated fat is not the bad guy it was made out to be.  In fact, saturated fat is an important part of the human diet. (source) Benefits of Coconut Oil The benefits of Continue Reading →

The No-Poo Method Didn’t Work For Me

The No Poo Method Didn't Work for Me

 It’s no secret that I like my personal care products to be as natural as possible.  I use a natural deodorant, make my own body wash, toothpaste and facial moisturizer.  I want to avoid sulfates and parabens and formaldehyde.  Oh my. So, I heard about the no poo method of hair care and decided to try it.  I have thick, fine, slightly wavy hair.  Before the no poo method I was washing it every other day.  After Continue Reading →

Is Attachment Parenting Ruining Your Life?

Is Attachment Parenting Ruining Your Life

Since my oldest son was born in 2001, I’ve been practicing attachment parenting. I would love to tell you that attachment parenting has been some easy-breezy, peaceful-earth-mother experience, but I’d be lying. Some aspects of attachment parenting have come easily, but others have not. And the aspects of attachment parenting that were easy with one child weren’t necessarily easy with another. From my time spent conversing with other dedicated attachment parenting moms, I discovered that Continue Reading →