Easter without candy

Is it possible to have an Easter without candy?

Since we began our Traditional Foods journey, my husband and I have worked hard to keep candy out of our home.  Our children still eat candy, don’t misunderstand me, but we cannot, in good conscience, buy candy for them any longer.

As I have become aware of the amount of sugar in our diets, I have been stunned by the opportunities my children have to consume this white, crystal poison.  This week alone my youngest had jelly beans for snack at school (file that under “what the ????”), an egg hunt that landed him two dozen plastic eggs filled with candy, a sucker in an Easter card and whatever candy will be given to him today, simply because he’s a kid, while he’s out watching a soccer tournament.  It’s insane.  My children are not being deprived of candy and I definitely don’t need to add to their consumption by buying it for them. (Although, while my youngest is still attending public school, I have agreed not to be that mom who ruins all of the parties and fun. I simply recognize that this is the way things are outside of my home and that, within my home, I can do things the way I feel is best.)

Sounds all fuzzy and idealistic, right?  I know.

Well, tomorrow is Easter and, the Saturday before Easter, it is our tradition to hide candy-filled, plastic eggs in our yard for the boys to hunt.  We love it, they love it and the neighbors probably think we’re crazy as we hoop and holler and cheer as the eggs are found.  In addition to the candy-filled eggs, each boy gets one golden egg which is good for a toy or other desired item valued at approximately ten dollars.

I do not want to stop our egg hunt tradition and I don’t want to give my children candy.  Hunting the eggs is fun, but, let’s be realistic, hunting eggs with candy in them is the true appeal.

Finding only the golden eggs in exchange for toys seems a little . . . I don’t know . . . short-lived and less exciting?

So, my dear, brilliant husband came up with the idea of a scavenger egg hunt.  (What’s a scavenger egg, you say?  Yeah.  I don’t know. That sounded better in my head.)


The plan:

Have the boys use team work to find 10-15 eggs in various hiding places inside and out of the house.  Each egg will contain a clue to finding the next egg and clue.  The final egg will contain the clue to finding the prize.  (This year it is three gift cards to Target–they can buy anything they want, except candy!)

They will each have a job.  Ds10 will read the clues, Ds8 will pick up the eggs when they are found and hand the clues to Ds10.  Ds 6 will carry the basket of found eggs.

We are all pretty excited about our egg-venture (Oooh, I am terrible.).  I should probably start planning hiding spots and writing clues.  Right after I finish this 25 page paper for school.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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