Does Oil-Pulling Work? My Oil Pulling Experiment–Week 6

Does Oil Pulling Work

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Does Oil Pulling Work?

It’s been over 6 weeks since I started my oil-pulling experiment.  If you haven’t been reading along, I’ll give you some background.

I started oil-pulling just to see what would happen.  I’ve heard wonderful things about the practice of oil-pulling and wanted to experience some of those great health effects myself.  I’ve read that oil-pulling can improve oral health, skin health, energy levels and even cure chronic disease.  I don’t have any chronic health issues, except stress and gluten induced IBS, so I didn’t need oil-pulling to work miracles.

When I began oil-pulling, the mouth feel took some getting used to.  Once I overcame the oddness of swishing oil in my mouth for an extended amount of time, oil-pulling became an easy part of my morning routine.  I oil-pulled daily at first (missing 1-2 days per week most weeks) and have now settled into an every-other-day routine that seems to work well for me.  I swish about a tablespoon of  coconut oil for 10-15 minutes, usually while in the shower.

(I did experience some detox symptoms the first couple of weeks of oil-pulling.  After week three, however, I felt much better.)

What Oil-Pulling Has Done For Me

  • Cleaner mouth
  • Healthier-looking gums
  • Fresh-from-the-dentist mouth feel and taste after oil-pulling

What Oil-Pulling May Have Done For Me

  • Prevented break-outs (I don’t break out often, but I haven’t had any acne since beginning my oil-pulling 6 weeks ago.)

What Oil-Pulling Did NOT do For Me

  • Anything miraculous or earth-shattering.
  • IBS symptoms from stress were not lessened.
  • No extra energy.

So, there you have it!  I have to say my experience with oil-pulling has been a positive one.  I will definitely continue to oil-pull because I love the way my mouth looks and feels afterward.  I think it is a healthy practice, but I’m not convinced that it is a the cure-all for me that others have found it to be.

What’s your experience with oil-pulling?

Does Oil Pulling Work

8 thoughts on “Does Oil-Pulling Work? My Oil Pulling Experiment–Week 6

  1. I have not oil pulled at all, but could it be because you are pulling every other day instead of every day…maybe the bigger things need it more consistently?

  2. I have just started to read up on oil pulling. Thank you for posting your results with us.

  3. My results exactly. Also, I get tartar build up and that has not happened thus far. I have been oil pulling about the same amount of time as you.

  4. i have been oil pulling for several months, and i agree with you. The benefit seem to be better oral health

  5. I have had gingivitis for 30 years. Always sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, etc. I’ve been oil pulling for about 2 months now, and it is now a daily routine. I have no more red, bleeding gums, my sensitivity has stopped, and I have also experienced the “as clean as when you’ve left the dentist” feeling, and I can actually say that I’ve noticed chunks of tartar coming off the back/inside of my lower teeth, my most problematic area. When I floss, I honestly feel as if I just came from the dentist. No glad Inlearned this, and will continue as my mouth and teeth have never felt or looked better/whiter.

  6. I just tried this for the first time today! It was kind of
    and gums I’ve been experiencing lately… We shall see how it goes…

  7. re: your coconut oil pulling; good going. I will be trying it.

    Re: IBS, I’ve got a book called “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis. recently published. Cheap. You might even be able to get it from used books cheaper.

    He states and proves that wheat and gluten is poison; it is the cause of many problems, from cancer to heart, to brain, to diabetes, and – especially intestinal problems.

    May God bless you.

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