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No Mess Fall Crafts for Toddlers

When my boys were little I took a job at a preschool working with two-year-olds. As the head teacher I had the responsibility of coming up with the craft each day. I loved this part of my job, but sometimes it felt challenging because Pinterest wasn’t a thing back then. (Can you imagine?)

We made a lot of cute crafts out of handprints and we painted. We painted a lot. The kids loved it and I loved seeing their sweet, chubby fingers create magnificent, messy masterpieces, sometimes so heavy with paint that a refrigerator magnet struggled to hold them in place.

But some days I wanted a paint-free craft. I wanted to skip the mess, the drying time, the accidental slip of the paint brush and help my students create a fun craft that required little clean up.

I felt the same way at home with my boys, too. Especially when I needed my youngest to work independently while I homeschooled his older brothers.

So, I relied on no mess crafts for toddlers on those days. (Now, if I’d known that no mess paint sticks were a thing . . .)

Unfortunately, I lost my list of these no mess crafts after my youngest got a little older. Fortunately, Pinterest saved the day.

I did some digging (and by that I mean pinning) and came up with ten must-try no mess fall crafts for toddlers to share with you.

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10 No Mess Fall Crafts for Toddlers

None of the no mess fall crafts for toddlers I share below use glitter or paint, but most of them use glue. I suggest using a washable glue pen or glue sticks for toddlers for the least messy experience possible.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft

This fall craft for toddlers is cute and simple. It helps to develop fine motor skills, as well. Win, win!


Fall Tree Paper Craft

This fall craft belongs on your wall, mama. Don’t slap on the fridge – display it or gift it to grammy.

Paper Plate Turkey Crafts

When my boys were little I always kept a jar of crafting feathers on hand. They loved to create with feathers.

Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft

I know I’ve already recommended a fall tree craft, but this one a little different. It uses tissue paper bits as the leaves. Your toddler will have so much fun squishing up the tissue paper. This fall craft will keep them busy, develop finger strength, and hone fine motor skills. Oh, and it’s adorable!

Puffy Ghosts Halloween Craft

Your little one will love the texture sensation this fall craft provides. Check out these fluffy, friendly ghosts.

Cheerio Corn on the Cob Craft

Craft time and snack time rolled into one. If your family is wheat or grain-free, use craft buttons, crinkled tissue paper, or craft gems instead.

Leaf Family or Leaf Puppet Craft

This sweet fall craft for toddlers lets them make their very own leaf family. They can create their own puppet family or make a fall replica of their parents and siblings.

Fall Button Tree

This fun no mess fall craft for toddlers encourages fine motor skills as they place the buttons around the tree.

Leaf People Fall Craft

This crafts starts outside. Take a nature walk with your toddler and pick out leaves together. Bring them home and give them a face. Perfect memory making fall craft.

Fall Wreath Station for Toddlers

Encourage your toddlers creativity with this fall wreath station craft. You provide the supplies and a little guidance; your toddler brings the creative flair.

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