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Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

If you liked my 15 Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids ideas, you’ll love these sixteen fun Easter egg crafts for kids. Dyeing Easter eggs continues to be a fun tradition, but sometimes it’s just too messy for little hands.

Easter egg crafts give even your youngest kiddos a fun way to participate in creating beautiful Easter eggs.

I searched my favorite kids activities websites and found sixteen cool Easter egg crafts for you and your family to make this Easter.

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16 Fun Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

These activities use various crafting supplies, but none of them are hard to find. Whether you’ve got a toddler or an older child (or both!) you’ll find an idea here that’s perfect for crafting a lovely Easter egg.

Now let’s get on with the ideas!

Easter Egg Weaving Craft

This one requires a bit of dexterity, which makes it a great Easter craft for your older kiddos.


Washi Tape Easter Eggs

No dye? No problem! Decorate Easter eggs with washi tape instead.

Stand Up Easter Eggs

This printable template provides coloring fun for a paper Easter eggs. When your child finishes coloring they can stand the eggs upright to display them.


3D Easter Egg Card

This sweet Easter card craft makes a lovely gift for the grandparents. It’s also cute to display next to your spring decorations.

Tin Foil Easter Eggs

When my boys took art classes many years ago one of the most unique projects they did used tin foil. The finished product was bright and beautiful. These tin foil eggs make a lovely spring craft and are fun to create.


Marbled Paper Easter Eggs

Even though both old and young kiddos will enjoy this craft, it’s can be a little messy. The best part is that each child can create his or her own design.


Hatching Chick Paper Craft

This craft has the chicken and the egg. What a cute idea with an adorable surprise inside!

Salt Painted Easter Eggs

Salt as a craft supply? Who knew! These cool Easter eggs use salt and food coloring for lots of creative fun.

Easy Paper Easter Egg Wreath

This sweet paper Easter egg wreath will look great on your child’s door or displayed next to your other Easter decorations.

Felt Easter Egg Craft

Here’s a fun Easter craft for kiddos of all ages! These felt eggs make a cute gift from your little one to loved ones.


Peek-a-Book Clothespin Eggs

What a cute idea! See the tiniest chick peek out from the egg halves.


Pasta Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t love a pasta craft? The supplies are readily available and inexpensive. Paint the pasta in your favorite spring colors.


Tissue Paper Scrunch Eggs

Tiny fingers will love scrunching brightly colored tissue paper for this neat Easter egg craft.


Paper Plate Easter Egg Lacing Craft

Fine motor skills get a workout with this awesome craft. This one will be easier for your older children, but preschoolers can give it a try, too.


Easy Striped Easter Egg Craft

Now here’s a simple, but fun craft for the toddlers. Little ones will love choosing colorful stripes to add to their Easter egg.


Mosaic Easter Egg

A pretty craft with a variety of color combinations. Children of all ages will love this one.


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