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20 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies

If you’re searching for cute Halloween costumes for babies look no further! I’ve got twenty adorable baby costumes to share with you here.

Whether you’re looking for cute baby animal costumes or fun Halloween-themed costumes there’s something here for every taste. If Halloween weather in your town is typically warm or cold, there are costumes here to fit the temperature.

Before we get to the goods be sure to pin these sweet costumes for later.

Pin These Costumes for LaterAffordable Halloween Costumes for Babies

1 – Target Baby Plush Hedgehog Halloween Costume Vest

Your favorite little hedgehog will be the cutest baby at the party this Halloween.

Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies Hedgehog
image source:

2 – Etsy Personalized Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

This unbelievably well-priced handmade Halloween costume for baby is gorgeous. I mean, look at those ruby red slippers!

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Halloween Costume for Baby
image source:|LilyandMaxCo

3 – Chasing Fireflies Cappuccino Costume for Baby

Grab a PSL and your cuddly cappuccino baby before trick-or-treating this Halloween. Your baby will look adorably sweet in this costume.

Cappuccino Costume
image source:

4 –  Carter’s Little Avocado Halloween Costume

Your baby will be right on trend in an avocado Halloween costume. The fleece material will keep baby nice and . . . Wait for it . . . Toasty. Get it? Because avocado toast . . . Okay. No more puns. (No promises.)

Avocado Costume for Babies
image source:

5 – Party City Baby Little Stinker Skunk Costume

The only time your neighbors will be thrilled to see a skunk at their front door is when your little stinker shows up in this cute costume.

Skunk Costume for Babies
image source:

6 – Spirit Halloween Swan Costume for Baby

This elegant swan costume for baby is perfect for your little princess. Who wants to dress up scary when you can dress up so sweet?

Sweet Swan Costume for Babies
image source:

7 – Target Baby Plush Chameleon Halloween Costume

You’ll push the cutest chameleon on the block in your stroller on Halloween with this gorgeous green Halloween costume for baby.

Chameleon Costume for Babies
image source:

8 – Chasing Fireflies Mini Mermaid Costume for Baby

Who’s the prettiest little mermaid? Your little mermaid, of course. You’ll swim with joy when you see your sweet one in this lovely mermaid costume.

Mermaid Halloween Costume for Babies
image source:

9 – Carter’s Little Sloth Halloween Costume

Now, I know your baby doesn’t sleep all day – or all night – but this adorable sloth costume will make you want to snuggle him tight.

Sloth Halloween Costume for Babies
image source:

10 – Party City Baby Cute As A Pumpkin Costume

You can’t go wrong with the classic baby jack-o-lantern Halloween costume. Every kid should be a pumpkin for Halloween at least once.

Baby Jack-o-Lantern Costume
image source:

11 – Spirit Halloween Infant Baby Shark Costume With Sound Chip

What do you mean you’re tired of singing baby shark? Go one more round with this cute baby shark Halloween costume. It comes with a sound chip!

Baby Shark Halloween Costume
image source:

12 – Target Baby Plush Snail Halloween Costume

Sorry, this costume won’t make your baby crawl at a snail’s pace, but it will make your little one the most adorable crawler on the block.

Cute Baby Snail Halloween Costume
image source:

13 – Chasing Fireflies Eagle Swaddle Wings™ Costume for Baby

Keep your baby bird warm and cozy this Halloween this snug swaddling eagle costume.

Eagle Halloween Costume for Babies
image source:

14 – Carter’s Little Llama Halloween Costume

This sweet llama costume is softy and fluffy. It’ll keep your little llama comfy and cozy on Halloween.

Llama Halloween Costumes for Babies
image source:

15 – Party City Baby Hatching T-Rex Costume

Raaawwwrrr! Your baby will transform into an adorable dinosaur in this hatching T-Rex costume.

Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for Babies
image source:

16 – Spirit Halloween Baby Unicorn Costume

You’ve found your unicorn and she’s cuter than you ever dreamed possible.

Unicorn Halloween Costume for Babies
image source:

17 – Target Lil’ Penguin Baby Costume

Your little penguin will be ready to party in this adorable Halloween costume for babies.

Halloween Costumes for Babies
image source:

18 – Chasing Fireflies Lil’ Skeleton Costume for Babies

Well, this skeleton’s not scary at all! Your baby will be the sweetest skeleton in the neighbor on Halloween in this costume.

Skeleton Halloween Costume for Baby
image source:

19 – Carter’s Little Parrot Halloween Costume

Your baby will bring a taste of the tropics to the Halloween party in this super cute parrot costume. Polly sees a pretty baby!

Baby Parrot Halloween Costume
image source:

20 – Party City Baby Little Lamb Costume

Mommy had a little lamb, her fleece was white as snow.

Lamb Costume for Babies
image source:

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