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3 Morning Makeover Habits

I know you can relate. The alarm goes off, you hit snooze five hundred times, and then you drag yourself out of bed just in time to leave. Grab an apple as you leave, hair in a pony tail, and although you look cute ­ you’ve seen better days!

Trust me ­­ I GET IT!

I (as much as I hate to admit) can be like that many days of the month. Your day feels long, less productive, and you just don’t have the morning cheeriness that everyone else around seems to have.

Well I am here to share with you 3 Morning Makeover Habits that will stop that feeling and cause you to walk around with the chipper smile like everyone else…. Well…maybe not everyone, but then you will be the one people look at and say “How DOES she do it!” ­­ who doesn’t want that, right!?

Editor’s Note:  This post was written by Samara from My Adventure Called Life.  To find out more about Samara, please visit her website here and the contributor page here at Our Small Hours.  Be sure to follow Samara on social media:  InstagramTwitter, G+ and Pinterest.

Get up just FIFTEEN minutes early

You CAN do it!! I believe in you, and it IS possible. Sometimes it may not seem so, but it really.

Getting up even just 15 minutes earlier can literally make ALL the difference in the world. Instead of feeling rushed you now have had time to brush your teeth, brush your hair, get dressed, and STILL have time to whip up that delicious smoothie that you found on Pinterest last night. I mean YUM! Talk about a great way to start the morning!


You have ALL heard this before. Stretching wakes you up. Working out is even better, but that will be next blog post.  Let’s start with one thing at a time here.

Spend just five minutes doing some stretching. It’ll wake you, give you some energy, and you will be MUCH more alert than you were when that dreadful alarm went off and ruined the wonderful dream you were having.

Stretching­ the best way to start your day. Next to coffee, food, and a shower!

Listen to your favorite song

This one is my FAVORITE! When my alarm first goes off, my absolute FAVORITE thing to do is listen to a song. It perks me up, get’s me excited (well more excited at least) to get up, and start my day, and always (usually), puts a smile on my face. It just lifts my spirit immediately.

And the more upbeat the better ­ you might even just want to start dancing around in your cute pj’s,­ who knows!

SO ­ those are my 3 morning makeover habits. They will totally change your morning, giving you that little boost to get out of bed, and out the door. The more you do it the easier it will get, and in NO time you will be out of bed 40 minutes early working out! Good habits are the best habits ­ they TOTALLY make the difference in how your day goes!

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