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Special thanks to Brosa for this great article on how to use recycled products to create beautiful bedroom decor and storage.

Great Bedroom Storage Ideas Using Recycled Products

Tired of tossing out an endless stream of once beloved items?

It’s time to stop wasting what could be brilliant interior design pieces! From CDs to old furniture, evaluate the aesthetic potential of what may have been considered trash. Repurposing and recycling has become popular in the advent of the green movement. What does this mean for a repurposing project?  It creates the potential to save money and time while creating innovative themes within the home or commercial space.

Decor from Recycled Products

This also lets individuals reflect an environmental consciousness that won’t go unnoticed. If old items weren’t used again they would be in the landfill, slowly polluting the atmosphere and surrounding land over time.

Many items can be painted or refashioned to fit any aesthetic, but recycling is usually thought of as a vintage focused redecorating practice. Inspired by this list of storage ideas, listed below are some creative ways to reuse old items.

Box It Up!

Wooden Crates as Decor

That’s right! By far one of the most common household accessories and the easiest recycle!

We’ve all been in stores that are selling crates made to look rustic and used. This is because wooden and plastic crates are among the easiest items to find and use within the home!

Old plastic crates often piled high in the garage or basement have a functional use and design aesthetic that is both versatile and fun. Using paint to match them with wallpaper or paint can make

these fit into almost any decorator scheme. These can even be moulded to form stools or small tables for children. Either way they are used, these make great storage accessories for bedroom.

Compact Discs

Decorating With Compact Discs

Who knew that 20 years of music purchases could help beautify the home?

CDs are commonly transferred into digital music, and this means that mountains of clutter that hold sentimental value may just be ready for reuse.

CDs, like albums, can be used to decorate walls, or strung up to make dangling reflective wind chime accessory. The author of this article has personally seen this in a couple of coffee shops designed to appeal to a hip, music savvy crowd and the same aesthetic can translate to the bedroom. It might be a good idea to use them within a bedroom for mood and atmosphere.

Gluing CDs together to form boxes is also a clever way to capitalize on storage value for small items such as cosmetics or even a magazine cozy!

Dresser Drawers

Dresser Drawer Shelves

Dresser drawers commonly used for clothing storage can easily be refashioned into shelves for easy wall storage. This is a simple job that will consist of sanding, a bit of painting and maybe some refitting if the area that the shelves are going into is a bit small.

This is an easy repurposing job as dresser drawers made of wood are usually a neutral colour that won’t clash with other elements of a room. For a more detailed job, one can take another wooden drawer and cut into smaller wooden dividers that will be glued or nailed onto the shelf to create sections for books or other items one needs to put on display.

Time for Tea

Tea Tins for StorageWhile a smaller accessory idea, the use of tea tins is a great way to make a vintage room look even more vintage!

Old tea tins often display beautiful designs and motifs reminiscent of earlier days when modern design were not so popular.

These tins can add detail and character to desks and kitchens in a way that plain boxes or containers just can’t. Tea tins can be used to house potpourri, or even as candle jars! They can also hold pens or flowers. Anything that requires containment applies here, so feel free to let the imagination run wild.

That slight feeling of hesitance when about to chuck a tin out says it all: these small and artistic treasures are too valuable to throw away!Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas Using Recycled Products

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