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This post brought to you by CORT. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Our Small Hours.

5 Reasons to Consider Furniture Rental

You never know where life will take you, no matter how well you plan.  That’s the lesson my family is learning as we realize that our responsibilities may uproot us – at least temporarily – from our current home.

We’re supporting my oldest son as he pursues competitive soccer and, eventually, he may play a few hours from home.  This would mean that we’d need to rent a place during the week for the boys and me to stay so we’re not driving back and forth each day. (We don’t want or need my husband to leave the secure job he loves or the soccer club where he coaches for a temporary situation, so he would stay put in our home.)

In addition to that, my parents are aging and my husband and I have had some serious conversations about moving a little closer to them – again, at least for part of the week – to help with cooking, cleaning, yard work and doctor’s appointments.Benefits of Furniture Rental As I was researching rental homes and apartments in the areas where we could potentially move, I realized that setting up an additional, temporary household means that we’ll need all new furniture.  We won’t be selling our home because my husband will still be here.  We can’t simply pack up our furniture and move it to the new place, because we’ll just have to move it all back depending on how the situation turns out.

What a hassle – and a big upfront expense!

I began to price cheap furniture online – you know, futons and tables that I’d have to assemble myself – and I felt overwhelmed.  I want nice, durable furniture but I don’t want a rental house full of furniture I have to move, sell or store when our temporary living situation is over. That’s when I began to look into ways to rent furniture

I was looking around the CORT Furniture Rental website and I quickly discovered five great reasons to consider furniture rental for our temporary living arrangements.

If you are a family with a temporary living situation like we’re facing, a military family or a family with a college student this is great information for you.  Read on to see my top five reasons why CORT furniture rental just makes sense for temporary living situations.

CORT Furniture Rental is There When You Are

How awesome would it be to move in to a new place and have your furniture already there?  Whether you’re moving within your state or across the country, packing and moving furniture is not fun.

CORT takes the hassle out of moving furniture. You simply go online, pick your furniture package (with prices ranging from upscale to affordable) and CORT Furniture Rental does the rest.  It’s easy-breezy and one less thing on your massive, moving to-do list.

CORT Furniture Rental Means Frustration-Free Furniture Set-up

Moving into a new place is stressful enough without the added hassle of setting up your furniture.  Just putting our bed back together after we moved into our current home was enough to make my husband and I forget our manners and need a time-out.

CORT not only brings your furniture to you, but they’ll set it up, as well.  That means you can tend to all of the other things on your to-do list (and your kiddos!) while your furniture is set up by the professionals.

You Get Beautiful Furniture Without the Commitment

CORT Furniture Rental 1When you’re moving into a temporary living situation, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture that you’ll have to move again and risk having it damaged.  When you finally settle into a permanent place it makes sense to invest in furniture that you can hand down through generations or sell at a high value someday.

CORT Furniture Rental  provides beautiful furniture without the commitment.  You don’t have to worry about your furniture getting dinged or damage when you’re moving from place to place. You can have a lovely, temporary home without the extra worry about getting your furniture from one place to the next.

CORT Furniture Saves Money on Moving and Furnishing Expenses

There’s no need to hire a moving company or rent a large moving truck when you use CORT Furniture Rental.  CORT moves and sets up your furniture for you.  In addition, you avoid the huge upfront cost of buying a house full of furniture that you’ll just have to move again, store or sell when your temporary living situation changes.

You Can Do Everything Online with CORT Furniture Rental

Sometimes temporary relocation happens quickly.  Taking time to shop at a traditional furniture store might not be possible when you have to get into your new place, get set up and get to work immediately.

With CORT, everything is done online.  And when I say everything, I mean everything.  Not only will CORT provide your furniture rental, but they also have housewares package additions that include everything from bed linens to bath accessories, from table settings to kitchen essentials and more.

CORT is Perfect for Military Families and College Students

As I researched CORT Furniture Rental  I immediately saw the value of this service for my friends in the military and for college students.

Although it’s still a few years away, my oldest son plans to live off campus when he attends college. CORT is a great way to furnish your college student’s off-campus housing.

Whatever your temporary living situation is, you can trust CORT Furniture Rental to help you furnish your home with ease.5 Reasons to Consider Furniture Rental

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