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A Valentine’s Day Without Candy?

Is it possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day with candy? Yep! I’m excited to share with you my best ideas for what to give kids for Valentine’s Day that isn’t candy.

When we first began our healthy, real food journey, I took the plunge into de-sugaring our holidays.  As we approached our first candy-centric holiday – Easter – I vowed not to encourage poor health habits by purchasing candy for my children. We had an Easter without candy and it was awesome.

By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around the next year we’d found more balance in our healthy lifestyle. We practiced an 80/20 approach to healthy eating, but I still wanted to keep the Valentine’s Day candy to a minimum.

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No, I’m Not a Holiday Grinch!

 Now, don’t go thinking that I’m trying to take all of the fun out of the holidays. I think it’s fine to celebrate holidays with a treat.  I think that holidays are actually the perfect time to indulge.

However, for the first several months in our new healthy lifestyle my family needed to get all of the junk – all of the unhealthy treats – out of our life. Then, once we were free from sugar addiction and health issues we added treats back in to our diet from time to time.

While we were working through all of that I found a lot of alternatives to celebrating with food or candy. I’m excited to share some of those ideas with you guys.

10 Alternatives to Candy on Valentine’s Day

1. Adorable Heart Shaped Crayons

How cute are these? They are a perfect, inexpensive Valentine’s gift for young kids.

Valentines Day Alternative to Candy

2. Decorate Your Own Heart Shaped Box

Here’s a sweet gift for your little loves that won’t wreck their blood sugar.

Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

3. Piggy Paint Nail Polish

This natural, non-toxic nail polish is perfect for kids. You have to worry about nasty stuff like phthalates in this nail polish.

Natural Nail Polish for Kids

4. A Journal for Kids

Give your kids the gift of self-knowledge, insight, and memories with this neat Q & A a day for Kids Journal. It’s the gift that keeps giving through a lifetime as they record thoughts from the next three years.

Journal for Kids

5. A Tea Party Set

This adorable tea set it perfect for a tea party with your little ones. I love the woodland critters theme. How original!
Tea Set for Boys

6. A Stationary Set for Kids

Do you remember having a stationary set as a kid? I do and it was lovely. Let’s bring back the fun of penning a note to a friend on pretty paper by giving our kiddos a cute stationary set for Valentine’s Day.

Stationary Sets for Kids

7. Aprons for Kids

When you get in the kitchen to whip up a special treat, give your little helpers an adorable apron to making cooking and baking more fun.

Aprons for Kids

8. A Gardening Set for Kids

If it’s February, then Spring is right around the corner. Oh, wait . . . maybe that’s just here in the South. Regardless, it’s never too early to help your kiddos fall in love with gardening. This sweet gardening set inspires their creativity while introducing them to growing their own plants.
Gardening Tools for Kids

9. Art Set for Kids

Inspire their creativity this Valentine’s Day with this awesome art set for kids. (Hey, get one for yourself, too. Even your love might like one of these. Art for everyone!)

Art Set for Kids

10. Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

No gift list for kids is complete without a list of good books to give. Inspire their love of reading this Valentine’s Day with any of the great books you can find by clicking the picture below.

Valentine's Day Books for Kids

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