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Editor’s Note: I was compensated and provided with a Baiden Mitten to try in exchange for my honest review of this product.

Baiden Mitten:  Ancient, Natural Remedy for Smooth Skin

It’s that time of year!  The weather gets hot and for the sake of comfort, we’re forced to expose more of our skin.  Feet, knees, and elbows that were hidden away for the winter are now peeking out of cute sandals, short sleeved shirts and bathing suits. The Baiden Mitten is a great choice for creating smooth skin without harsh chemicals.

The story of the Baiden Mitten dates back to the Ottoman Empire.  A Turkish bath house, or hammam, was a place where ladies would go for their weekly steam bath. In the bath house, there was a special coarse, woven cloth that was used to soften their skin to be “as smooth as the finest silk”.

Best Natural Remedy for Smooth Skin

Baiden Mitten:  Perfect for Natural Skin Exfoliation

That scaly winter skin must go, but for us natural minded mamas not just any smooth skin product will do.  I like using a combination of quality essential oils, olive oil and baking soda mixed together. Baking soda is amazing as a natural remedy for smooth skin.  But, I have thin, fair, sensitive skin and using baking soda on my skin too often takes a toll.  So, I’ve been looking for something that is gentler and that I can use on my whole body without my skin becoming irritated.

When I got the opportunity to try the Baiden Mitten, I was pretty excited.  It arrived just in time for summer weather.

Because I have sensitive skin, I decided to try the Baiden Mitten on my heels first.  I use a heel scraper usually, so I know that my heels can take a rougher exfoliation without any pain or irritation.

I followed the instructions that came with the Baiden Mitten and used it after a hot shower.  I was impressed with the results.  In the pictures below you can see the difference in my heel before and after using the mitten.Baiden Mitten Before and After

My next usage of the Baiden Mitten was on my arms and legs.  The results were amazing.  My skin was so smooth!  Do you remember what your legs felt like the very first time you shaved?  Do you remember how you couldn’t stop touching them just to feel that baby smooth skin?  Yeah, that’s what my skin felt like after using the Baiden Mitten!

I also tried the Baiden Mitten on my face.  While it left my skin feeling gorgeously smooth, I did experience some redness.  I expected that.  As I mentioned, I have sensitive skin.  I will not use as much pressure next time.  Also, I won’t use the mitten on my face more than once a month.

How to Use the Baiden Mitten

Now, I have to be honest, when I first used the Baiden Mitten, I was expecting to see rolls of dead skin like the picture on the packaging clearly shows, but I didn’t have any.  After researching and using the Baiden Mitten on my legs, I realize that I wasn’t following the instructions exactly.

To get the results below, you have to use a firm downward motion.  I had used the mitten on my heels like sandpaper.  It got the job done, but it didn’t produce rolls of dead skin.

Baiden Mitten Review

Baiden Mitten Instructions for Use

Step 1

When you get the mitten, wash it in plain soap and hot water.  Rinse all of the soap out and squeeze the mitten out.

Step 2

Take a shower or soak in a hot bath for at least 15 minutes, preferably longer.  (I showered for only ten minutes, but soaked in the tub for about 30 minutes on my second try and had better results.)

Don’t use any bath products like bath oil or moisturizing body washes.  This can cause a layer of oil on the skin that makes it harder for the mitten to create enough friction to work properly.

Step 3

Put the damp mitten on your hand and use long downward or upward strokes with firm pressure.

Step 4

Take a shower to rinse any dead skin rolls from your body.

Baiden Mitten Care Instructions

Only hand wash your Baiden Mitten with plain soap and water.  Allow it to air dry.  Don’t put it in the washer or dryer.  The Baiden Mitten is made of natural tree fibers.  Chlorine bleach and other harsh cleaning products will shorten the life of the mitten.

Chemical Free Microdermabrasion

If you’re into natural beauty remedies, the Baiden Mitten should be part of your routine. Why pay all that money for microdermabrasion when you can get smooth skin in the comfort of your own steamy bathroom?

Ready to have beautiful, smooth skin naturally?  You can find the Baiden Mitten on Amazon.

Home Remedy for Smooth Skin

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