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The Benefits of Earthing

Let’s talk about the benefits of earthing. If you’ve never heard of earthing (or grounding as it’s also called) then you’re in for a treat. The benefits of earthing are the reasons I not only let my children play barefoot outside but often encourage them to take off their shoes and literally connect to Mother Earth.

What is Earthing?

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The Benefits of Earthing
Earthing is the intentional practice of allowing your bare skin to be in contact with the earth. This can happen by walking on the ground with bare feet, touching a tree or plant or grass. You can also practice earthing in your home with earthing mats. We’ll talk more about those later.

See, the earth is electrical and we’re electrical beings. The earth gives off electrons, which have a negative charge. Those electrons bond with the dangerous free radicals in our bodies to neutralize them and give us a healthier body.

Now, I’m not a scientist, so I won’t go into further detail about electrical charges here. If you’re interested in learning more about free radicals – specifically about the fact that not all free radicals have a positive charge, that some free radicals are beneficial and how electrons gained from earthing know which free radicals are which, check out this article from The Earthing Institute.

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Earthing is a Free and Simple Way to Promote Your Family’s Health

When I was a kid I was allowed to play barefoot outside. My parents were strict about a lot of things, but I was free to roam our yard without shoes when the weather was nice. Even as an adult I’m not a big fan of shoes. You can find me barefoot at home all the time unless I’m cutting grass or getting ready to leave the house.

I love the feel of the grass and the dirt under my feet, but for most of my life, I had no idea that this hippy-esque preference of mine was actually good for my health. I got a thrill of excitement when I found out how beneficial it is to walk around outside without shoes on. Yay for the natural life, right?

Earthing helps you to sleep better, lessens anxiety and depression, helps your body heal, reduces inflammation and blood pressure, relieves muscle and joint pain, increases energy while promoting calmness, and enhances overall health.

So, let your children play outside without their shoes on. Take your shoes off, too and sit on the ground as often as possible. This free and simple practice is life-changing.

In-Home Alternatives for Practicing Earthing

In a perfect world, we’d all have plenty of safe places to roam barefoot. Unfortunately, we don’t all live in homes with backyards. We don’t all have a safe place to be barefoot readily available. Maybe you don’t want your children to run barefoot in the park. They might encounter sticker-grass, ants, bees or broken glass!

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I completely understand your concerns. Fortunately, there are in-home alternatives for practicing earthing. You and your family can get the benefits of earthing without having to go barefoot or hug trees. If you can’t practice earthing outside, try an earthing mat.

Earthing mats can be plugged into the electrical sockets in your home or grounded outside with a grounding wire through a window. You can sleep on an earthing mat by putting it under your pillow or under your feet at night.

Find Out More About Earthing

I recommend these resources for learning more about earthing.

The best book about Earthing:

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