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Blossom Cup Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a Blossom Cup.  I was hesitant at first because, well, I’ve never used a menstrual cup before and frankly, I thought of them as something used by my friends who were into hardcore natural living.

As I wrote in my post about natural deodorant I thought I’d crossed the last threshold into natural hygiene when I stopped using antiperspirants. As it turns out, I’ve considered using a menstrual cup before, but I had a lot of personal questions about them that had not been answered satisfactorily from my friends who had tried them.  (Mostly because I didn’t want to get too personal!)

So, when I was given the opportunity to test and review the Blossom Cup, I knew it was my chance to see for myself if using a menstrual cup was something I wanted to add my natural-living lifestyle.

What is the Blossom Cup?

The Blossom Cup is a menstrual cup made out of medical-grade silicon.  It’s soft and pliable and is designed to catch the flow rather than absorb it.  It comes in various colors and is reusable for 15 years with proper care.

Why Should You Use the Blossom Cup?

Here are ten reasons why you should use the Blossom Cup:

  1.  It’s better for your body than other conventional personal hygiene products because it doesn’t contain nasty carcinogens and other ingredients that you wouldn’t want near your body.
  2. It’s better for the environment because it doesn’t contain ingredients, like dioxin, which pollute the environment.  In addition, the Blossom Cup doesn’t contribute to landfill overfill, so it’s perfect for your commitment to green living.
  3. It’s frugal!  Do I have your attention now?  For the cost of a three-month supply of feminine hygiene products at my local club store, I can have one Blossom Cup that is reusable for 15 years with proper care.  That’s a savings of almost $1000!
  4. It’s easy to travel with because it takes up less space than other personal hygiene products.
  5. It’s more comfortable than pads or tampons.  (More about that later in my review.)
  6. It reduces odor and doesn’t cause sweating from being pressed against your skin.
  7. It doesn’t irritate sensitive areas like other hygiene products can.
  8. The Blossom Cup can be worn overnight with no leaking! (More about that later, too.)
  9. It doesn’t dry out sensitive areas like other hygiene products do.
  10. It’s more discreet than other conventional personal hygiene products.

My Review of the Blossom Cup

The Blossom Cup comes in eight colors and two sizes (large and small).  When selecting which Blossom Cup product to try, I chose the clear Blossom Cup in Small. It arrived in a box containing the Blossom Cup, instructions and a bag for storing the Blossom Cup between periods.

Before trying a menstrual cup for the first time I had three main concerns.  Would it be comfortable?  Would it leak?  Would it be messy?  Those seem to be three very common questions, as Blossom cup addresses those question in the FAQ on their website.

Here are my answers to those questions after using the Blossom Cup:

Is the Blossom Cup Comfortable?

In a word – Yes!  The Blossom Cup is comfortable.  It’s soft and pliable and simple to insert once you’ve practiced it a couple of times.

I bought the small size because tampons have never been a comfortable experience for me, no matter the size.  I always know they’re there and find them so uncomfortable that I’ve only worn them once or twice per year for the past ten years as a back up method on long trips.

Of course, I was concerned that the Blossom Cup would be uncomfortable because of it’s size.  I’m thrilled to say that within minutes of inserting it into place, I couldn’t feel it at all.

Since pads aren’t the epitome of comfort either, I feel relieved to finally have a comfortable, non-irritating way to care for my feminine hygiene needs.

Removing the Blossom Cup was a slightly uncomfortable experience at first as I worked out the best way to remove it.  However, once I learned the best way for me to remove it, there was no more discomfort.

Does the Blossom Cup Leak?

In a word – No!  The Blossom Cup does not leak – not even overnight.  The first day I used the Blossom Cup (my flow was medium during the day and heavy at night) I wore back-up protection just in case.  I’m happy to report that not a drop was leaked during the day as I moved (including doing light yoga stretches) and sat nor did it leak overnight as I slept for around 8 hours.

Usually I’m careful when I sleep at night not to move around too much or sleep in certain positions when my flow is heavy.  With the Blossom Cup, I slept and moved however I wanted with absolutely no leakage!

Is the Blossom Cup Messy?

In a word – No!  Disclaimer:  When you’re first learning to use it, it can be messy.  However, after a couple of tries, you’ll get the hang of inserting and removing it and there won’t be a mess.

I keep a wet towel or baby wipes close at hand and have had no problems with The Blossom Cup being any messier to deal with than other personal hygiene products.

Where to Buy the Blossom Cup

The Blossom Cup is conveniently sold on Amazon.  You can purchase the Blossom Cup here.

For more information about the Blossom Cup, check out their website here.

Enter to Win a Blossom Cup!

That’s right!  Blossom Cup is giving away a Blossom Cup to one lucky winner!  There are many opportunities for extra entries, so check out the Rafflecopter below for contest dates and ways to enter!
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