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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita Universal Jug Cooler Filtration System for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Brita Jug Filter is a Hydration Hero

In our home we use water filters to ensure we’re drinking the best and tastiest water possible.  Before we leave home, we like to fill our own favorite water bottles with water from our filter pitchers.  When we’re away from home for long soccer tournament weekends, however, it’s a different story.

My husband is a soccer coach with two travel teams, my oldest son plays soccer competitively and my youngest son is on a recreational soccer team.  We need a lot of filtered water.

For long tournament weekends under the hot sun, we end up buying cases of water in plastic bottles to get us through.  This is not an ideal situation because it creates waste and is not a good option for a family committed to green living. Brita water Jug Filter Adaptors The reasonable thing to do is to carry a large water jug with us to the soccer field.  But, often the water source provides water that has a less than pleasant taste.  That’s why the Brita Jug Filter is an unsung hydration hero.  Tasty, filtered water from a water jug is convenient and plentiful now that we use the Brita Jug Filter.  

The Brita  Jug Filter comes with adapters that fit the Coleman, Igloo and Rubbermaid water jugs.  It’s a snap to attach, as well.  I had my ten year old assemble it just to see how easy it was.  He had no problems attaching it to our Igloo water jug. Brita Water Jug Filter Easy to Use The Brita Jug Filter comes with reminder tags that let you know when to change the filter so that your water always tastes great.

You can purchase the Brita Jug Filter online at  Check it out today and get ready for soccer under the sun with great tasting water!

Who is Your Unsung Hero?

The Brita Jug Filter is definitely an unsung hydration hero, but Brita wants to know – Who is your unsung hero?   Is there someone you’d like to nominate as your unsung hydration hero?  Maybe it’s a team parent who always remembers to bring extra water for the players on those long tournament weekends.  Maybe it’s your child’s coach, who dedicates his or her time to building your child’s skills.  Maybe it’s a friend or relative who helps you make sure your child gets to and from practices and games when you have to work or be at your other children’s activities.

A lot goes into making a team run smoothly.  From the coach and team managers to the parents and family of the players, everyone involved has a role that helps to ensure each player is at his or her best when they step onto the field.  Many unsung heroes work together and individually to make the team better as a whole.

Brita wants to you to show the world who your #H2Ohero is and why he or she your hero.  Head over to Be a Brita Hero and upload a picture of your unsung hero.  The submissions will be narrowed down to the final four.  After that, the Brita audience will vote and Brita will award a prize to the winner. Brita Water Jug Filter for Soccer Team

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