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Why I Buy Grade B Maple Syrup

Why I Buy Grade B Maple Syrup

Maple syrup.  It conjures feelings of warmth on a winter morning.   I bet you can almost taste the sweet syrup mixed with salty butter arranged artfully on a stack of pancakes.  *sigh* So.much.yum!

But if you’ve never tasted maple syrup–if you’ve only experienced the syrup of wooden  houses and the Mrs.–you’re missing out! If you’ve tasted maple-flavored syrup or even Grade A maple syrup, then you still haven’t had the best that syrup has to offer.

Do I sound a little too excited about syrup?  Yeah, maybe I am.  But let me tell you more about why Grade B maple syrup is the best syrup.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts about sweeteners, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup are unhealthy.  I don’t think that is news to anyone.  And, as I’ve written before, using natural sweeteners makes it easier to say good-bye to the refined stuff.  You already know why I buy coconut sugar and I buy Grade B maple syrup for many of the same reasons!

See, Grade B maple syrup is less processed than Grade A.  It contains less sugar and has a richer flavor, because the sugar content has dropped by that point in the season the minerals in the maple syrup are more concentrated.  You get more nutritional bang for your buck with Grade B maple syrup!

Here are a few more reasons that I buy Grade B maple syrup.

  • Maple syrup contains zinc, a necessary nutrient for reproductive health.
  • Maple syrup contains less sugar than honey.
  • Its deep flavor makes it the perfect sweetener for baked goods.
  • It tastes amazing in coffee!  I use less of it than I do of coconut sugar or sucanat and it adds a wonderful flavor.
  • It’s great in marinades.  Because it’s a liquid already it doesn’t need to be dissolved to create a smooth mixture.


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Why I Buy Grade B Maple Syrup