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In the “Why I Buy” series I will explain why I purchase certain foods or products. Today there are many items in my kitchen (and in the rest of my home) that I hadn’t even heard of several years ago. Some of the things I buy are products or foods that people purchased regularly just a few generations ago, but not today. If you’re new to natural living or real food, this series will help you to better understand the benefits of certain foods or products that may be unfamiliar to you.

Is Salt Healthy?

Healthy salt? Is that even possible?

I know we’ve all been told it’s not. In fact, several years ago when I visited my doctor and was diagnosed with stage 1 hypertension, the first thing he told me was to stop eating salt. Now, I’ve never been a fan of salt and so I wasn’t overusing the salt shaker! It was the processed food I was eating that was the problem. I started watching my sodium intake and found that there was very little pre-made food that I could have. On top of that, I was afraid to add salt to my food at home, so my meals became rather bland.

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Then, I discovered that too little salt is also a problem! The answer isn’t as easy as giving up salt altogether. Salt is absolutely necessary as one of the important minerals that needs to have its place in our diet and in our bodies. Along with potassium, magnesium and calcium, sodium is important for optimal health.

As it turns out, table salt is just as unhealthy as your doctor will tell you it is! All salt comes from ocean water or deposits where ocean water once was. This natural salt contains a variety of trace elements and wonderful flavors. Unfortunately, table salt is processed and stripped of the trace minerals and the flavor nuances. Nature knows what it’s doing when it places elements together. Those trace elements in salt help to balance the sodium and provide our bodies with the nutrients they need.

So, when I talk about healthy salt, I’m referring to salt that still contains the trace elements that nature put into it. There are several types of salt like that on the market.

Here are my three favorites:

Himalayan Pink Salt

Celtic Sea Salt

Real Salt

Want more information? Check out Salt Your Way To Health by Dr. David Brownstein.Is Salt Healthy

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