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Daily Schedules for Stay at Home Moms As I’ve mentioned in my Myers-Briggs posts, I have a very strong “J”,or judging factor, to my personality.  I don’t like surprises but day runners, to-do lists and calendars make me giddier than...
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How to Start a Blog When I started Our Small Hours in 2011 I was looking for a way to reach out to other moms on the subjects of positive parenting, homeschooling, real food and natural living.  I had learned...
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Would your work-life balance be better if you telecommuted instead of working from the office?  It just might!  There are no shortage of articles that talk about how telecommuters are less stressed.  In addition, telecommuting employees are more productive and...
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Do you ever find motherhood overwhelming or disappointing?

Check out my guide to joyful motherhood: Secrets of a Happy Mom

I share the 11 secrets that helped me go from merely surviving motherhood to being a genuinely happy mom.

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