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Five Great Children’s Books About Fall

Oh, sweet Autumn!  It’s that time of year again when we all feel a little more snuggly.  There are few things more precious on a cool fall day than snuggling up with your kiddos and a good book. That’s why I’m excited to share these lovely children’s books about fall with you.

One of easiest ways to incorporate a little “unschooling” into your children’s life is through beautiful children’s books.  Even for the child who thinks he doesn’t enjoy school, a great children’s book provides a learning (and bonding) experience that he won’t protest.

Learning about the seasons while they’re happening creates a practical environment for learning.  Your children can actually experience what you’re reading about by simply stepping outside.  In fact, if your weather permits, try reading these books outside with your children so that they can see autumn in action as you read!

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Autumn Is Here!  Autumn is here!

This gorgeous watercolor-painting illustrated book is perfect for reading to your child about the wonders of Autumn. Written by Heidi Pross Gray, it’s one of her three beautiful books about the seasons.  The whole series makes a great addition to your children’s personal library and would be a great donation to a classroom, school or public library, as well.

When Autumn Falls When Autumn Falls

This is another children’s book with beautiful illustrations.  Author Kelly Nidey and illustrator Susan Swan have created a book to treasure for years to come.  When Autumn Falls tells of familiar fall happenings and is a poetic read.  Your child will love to keep this one on the bookshelf to enjoy with you every fall.

Awesome Autumn Awesome Autumn: All Kinds of Fall Facts and Fun (Season Facts and Fun)

Awesome Autumn has a five star rating on Amazon and it’s not hard to see why.  This book teaches children about fall facts in a fun way.  Bruce Goldstone usually writes great children’s math books, so he understands what makes children tick when it comes to learning.  Awesome Autumn has been a great addition to our homeschool library.

Fall Leaves Fall Leaves

Sometimes I buy children’s books just for the pictures. And sometimes I find a gem that has both great pictures and teaches my children in an easy-going and memorable way. Fall Leaves by Loretta Holland is one of those books. The illustrations are captivating and the lessons about fall are easy to grasp. Holland even teaches my children about autumn question they haven’t thought to ask yet!

The Night Before Thanksgiving The Night Before Thanksgiving   

Your fall children’s book collection isn’t complete without a book about Thanksgiving.  Natasha Wing writes this lovely book in the vein of The Night Before Christmas.  It talks about family traditions and how we prepare for “turkey day”. If your home library is already filled with books about pilgrims and Native Americans, this book will nicely balance all that history with some modern day traditions.

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