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Join me on Pinterest and post your articles to my group boards!

To join my collaborative boards: 

1.  Follow me

2.  Leave a comment on this pin with your pinterest email and the boards you want to join.  (Please make sure that you are requesting to join a board that I own.  Requests to join boards that I do not own will be deleted or ignored.) 

3.  Read and follow the rules of the boards you join. (There are no limits on how often or how many pins you can post. You CAN post affiliate links.  The only rule is that you ONLY pin things that are on topic for the board you are pinning to. For example, don’t post recipes to the Homeschooling board or parenting articles on the recipe board. Those who break this rule will be removed from the board without warning.)

***I can only add you to the boards that I own.  Please do not request for me to add you to a group board that isn’t mine.***

****Not all of my boards are open for contributors or new contributors.**** 

The following boards ARE currently accepting new contributors:

Natural Living + Real Food –

Parenting (Our Small Hours) –

Homeschooling (Our Small Hours) –

Marriage (Our Small Hours) –

Mindful Living (Our Small Hours) –

Frugal Living (Our Small Hours) –

Organic Gardening (Our Small Hours) –

Natural Pregnancy and Birth (Our Small Hours) –

Breastfeeding (Our Small Hours) –

Blogging Tips (Our Small Hours) –

Work From Home (Our Small Hours) –

Giveaways (Our Small Hours) –

Life Organization (Our Small Hours) –

Kids Activities (Our Small Hours) – Pinterest Collaborative Boards

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