Control Morning Sickness With Magnesium

This is such big news that I stopped in the middle of my day to write this post.  I don’t normally post twice in one day, but I am compelled to share this news NOW. I don’t know for certain that there are any more biological babies in my future, but if there is, I am so thankful for this information.

My morning sickness with my oldest was fairly typical.  I walked around in a nauseated haze from 6 weeks until 13 weeks and then, except for a strong gag reflex that got the best of me from time to time while I brushed my teeth, I had no problems with nausea or vomiting.  My pregnancy with my third son was similar.

It was my pregnancy with my middle son that was a horrible experience with morning sickness.  I was sick– morning, noon and night–during my entire pregnancy with him.  I had said since my first pregnancy that if I could get out of doing the first trimester of pregnancy, I would do the third trimester three times.  I’d rather feel like a lumbering hippopotamus than feel constant nausea.  I felt cheated in that pregnancy because I never, ever got a break from the morning sickness.

Today I read something that has changed my view of what causes morning sickness forever.  Check out this post by Mommypotamus!  Apparently the cause of morning sickness is a lack of magnesium.  Now, I have used magnesium to help with anxiety in the past and it has been clear to me that I have been magnesium deficient.  Since beginning our new real, traditional food way of eating, my anxiety has been practically non-existent.  Also missing from my list of daily symptoms is heart palpitations.  I have been able to stop taking my beta-blockers as my blood pressure has lowered and my palpitations and slight chest pain have stopped.  It’s not merely the weight loss.  I’ve only lost 14 pounds.  It’s got to be that I’m finally getting enough magnesium!  Years of supplements did not do the trick in the way that real, whole foods have.

The question I seek to answer now is how much magnesium can be found in  butter, raw milk and eggs?  I eat quite a bit of butter and eggs and drink raw milk daily and wonder how much those nutrient-rich foods are contributing to my magnesium intake?

Of course, I realize that magnesium is not the only part of the equation.  It doesn’t work alone, but instead in synergy with other nutrients.  I urge you to read Mommypotamus’s post and other posts/websites/sources she references to understand the whole picture.

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Does Magnesium Deficiency Cause Morning Sickness