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This post brought to you by Scott Tube-Free. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Our Small Hours.

You guys know that my family and I are all about the green life.  We believe we have a responsibility to leave our planet as healthy as possible for the generations to come.  We know that green living improves the quality of our lives right now, as well.

I know it seems overwhelming sometimes for us busy moms to add another thing to the list of stuff to be concerned about.  We’re already involved in making the world a better place just by raising our own children to live purposeful lives. The last thing we have time for is overhauling our lives so that we can save the planet.

That’s why it’s so important for us to take small, manageable steps toward a greener, more intentional lifestyle.  It doesn’t take a huge life change to go green.  We can all do our part by making little changes and creating new habits that don’t leave us any busier or remove important conveniences from our lives.

It’s Easy Being Green – With Small Steps

When I received the opportunity to share with you about Scott Tube-Free, I was thrilled.  The mission of Scott Tube-Free embodies exactly what I’m talking about when I say going green is easy if you do it in small steps. Scott Tube Free Reviews See, by removing the cardboard tubes from their tube-free toilet paper, Scott Tube-Free helps to cut down on the 17 billion tubes used each year in the US.  That’s not a typo, folks. This one small step has a huge impact. 

Did you know that Americans go through 66,000 toilet paper tubes every two minutes?  The average American family uses 150 tubes per year. You guys!  That’s an insane amount of toilet paper tubes.

Check out this video for a fun visual of just what 66,000 cardboard toilet paper tubes looks like.  You won’t believe that we’re using that many each year, but you will easily understand the impact that going tubeless will make.

Wasn’t that fun?

How many toilet paper tubes do you think your family will use in a lifetime?  I took the quiz over at Scott Tube-Free and discovered that my family 21,246 tubes.  Wow!

Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue is High Quality

I know what you’re thinking, mamas.  How does this tube-free thing work?  It may be green-life friendly, but is it soft?  How thick is it?  Will my kids like it?

Don’t worry.  My family uses Scott Tube-Free and I’ve got answers that you’re going to love.

When I first tried Scott Tube-Free toilet paper I was worried that it would be difficult to use on a toilet paper holder.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it rolls just as well as toilet paper with the tube.  It’s open in the center, just like tubed bath tissue, and fits nicely on my toilet paper holder. Scott Tube Free Fits on Roller I’m happy to tell you that it’s soft and thick, as well.  There is absolutely no sacrifice on quality with Scott Tube-Free toilet paper.  That has sealed the deal for me and made it a breeze for my family to do what’s right for the environment. Scott Tube Free is Thick and Soft I know my fellow green-minded moms like to do their research before trying a new product and we also like to live frugally, so head over to Scott Tube-Free, take the quiz, get more info about the positive environmental impact of going tube free and get a Scott Tube-Free coupon.

Remember, one small step is all it takes to get started on a greener lifestyle!

The Easiest Way to go Green Today

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