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My 10 Favorite YouTube Moms

Have you ever wanted a peek into the lives of other moms?  Of course, you have.  That’s a big reason why we read parenting blogs.  I love blogging and sharing how I do motherhood with other moms.  I also love watching moms on YouTube who have taken sharing their life to the next level by providing you an audio visual peek into their lives.

Bless them for that!  While I plan to dive into the world of vlogging eventually, I understand the amount of time it takes to create, edit and upload great videos.  When you’ve got kids underfoot, the process becomes even more complicated.

Still, these amazing mamas take the time to create videos that inspire and motivate other moms. They show us that, at the heart of it all, we’re all just moms who are trying to make the most of our time with our children and to mother in the best way we know how.  These YouTube moms are creating a community of moms that offers support for the more difficult aspects of motherhood, as well.  I’m so grateful for them.

Each of my favorite YouTube moms has a unique story.  That’s what I love about them. Of course, I can relate to them in one or more ways, even if our story is not the same.  That’s why they appeal to me.  I hope you’ll subscribe to them and see how their story relates to yours and take advantage of the wisdom they’ve gained from their unique journey.

Important Note:  I do NOT agree with every ideal my favorite YouTube moms espouse.  We may differ politically, spiritually, or in healthy living or even parenting ideals and practices.  That doesn’t make me enjoy or appreciate them any less.  As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.  Peace.

So, here are my 10 favorite YouTube moms, in no particular order.

Jeni – Candid Mommy

Jeni is a single mom of two boys who was married when I first began watching her channel in 2010.  She left her drug-using, abusive spouse a few years ago and has blossomed into a strong, single mama.  Jeni shares tips about parenting, homemaking, natural living, healthy living and more.  She gives frequent life updates and watching her settle into her life as a single mom has been an inspiration.

I relate to Jeni’s life as a work-at-home mom and her life as a boy mom.  Jeni is very open and real and sometimes takes a lot of criticism from viewers.  I appreciate that she continues to keep it real despite the haters.

Here are some of my favorite CandidMommy videos:

Grocery Budget + Costco Haul
Budgeting Disney

Jill – Mommy, Etc

Jill has two children – one 4 year old daughter and a son on the way.  She blogs about her life as a mom and about her pregnancy.  She also offers great tips for homekeeping, organization, DIY and more.

Jill is sweet and genuine and I love watching her go from mommy of one to mommy of two as she shares her second pregnancy with us.

I relate to Jill’s friendly and easy-going nature.  She genuinely enjoys life and is someone I would choose to be friends with.

Here are some of my favorite Mommy, etc videos:

My Everyday Cleaning Routine
A Very Small Toddler Room Tour
A Day in the Life of a SAHM

Courtney – KyleandCourt

I’ve been watching Courtney of KyleandCourt for several years.  When I started watching her channel, her second child was still a baby.  Now Courtney is the mother of three – two girls and a boy.  Courtney vlogs about her daily mom life and shares how she does it.  She’s open about her personal life – most recently her mom is battling cancer – but doesn’t take long to find the bright side, even on the tough days.

I relate to Courtney because our children are similar in age spacing.  Her life reminds me so much of my life when my boys were the ages of her children.  It brings back sweet memories.  Courtney is a mom I could have lunch with, chat about the good and the difficult aspects of parenting and come away feeling positive.

Here are some of my favorite KyleandCourt videos:

Sing Them to Sleep
Damage Control Cleaning
Are Public Schools Overstepping?

Jess – JesssFam (Formerly GabeandJess)

Jess is a rockstar, you guys.  I’ve been watching Jess for several years on YouTube.  Jess was a single, teen mom when she gave birth to her daughter.  The relationship with her daughter’s father didn’t work out.  Jess moved on and had a surprise twin boy pregnancy with her husband and eventually another son with him.  Their relationship didn’t work out either.

Jess has since married again and between her and her husband there are 6 children – 5 of them boys!  They’ve recently moved to a new home and Jess is finishing college.

Jess is a ray of sunshine who is always careful not to speak hatefully about her exes.  The odds were stacked against her as a teen mom, but Jess has shown resilience over and over.  She’s strong, she’s bright and she loves her children with all that she has.  She’s definitely an inspiration, not just for teen or single moms, but for us all.

I relate to Jess because of our shared commitment to gentle, positive parenting.

Here are some of my favorite JesssFam videos:

Day in the Life of a Mom in College
My Amazing Home Water Birth
Breastfeeding Twins

Jamerrill – The Encouraging Homeschool Mom

Jamerrill is the sweetest, softest spoken mom of many.  I would expect a mom of seven to be at least a little impatient from time to time, but Jamerrill radiates joy.  Obviously, Jamerrill homeschools her large family.  She also offers a peek inside how she affords to feed her family with her budgeted grocery hauls. Jamerrill is encouraging as her vlog channel name implies.

I relate to Jamerrill because we’re both homeschooling mothers who are managing our own business from home.

Here are some of my favorite Encouraging Homeschool Mom videos:

Day in My Life as a Homeschool Mom
Once a Month Grocery Shopping Trip
Perspective for Days When Everything Goes Wrong

Gabe – GabeBabeTV

I first stumbled across Gabe when I was searching for other interracial families on YouTube.  Just a couple of videos into the GabeBabeTV channel and I was hooked.  Gabe and her hubby are adorable and so are their children.  They talk about daily life of marriage and family and show us how they rock both.

I relate to Gabe because we’re both raising interracial children.

Here are some of my favorite GabeBabeTV videos:

FAQ – Interracial Relationships
Morning Routine Struggle
Our Miscarriage + TTC Journey

Lydia Senn

Although Lydia is actually a frugal living/finance vlogger, she is also a mom.  Her videos about money and budgeting are great for moms since they are coming from the perspective of a mom.  Lydia and her husband fell on hard times financially as so many of us did after the economy tanked around the end of 2008.  They eventually got back on their feet and she shares what she learned along the way.

I won’t lie.  I want to be besties with Lydia.  She’s funny and frank.  She has a sweet, pure heart and it’s obvious that she is dedicated to giving her best to her viewers in each video.

Here are some of my favorite Lydia Senn videos:

Five Things we Buy Used and Three we Don’t
Finding Extra Income to Pay Off Debt
7 Daily Frugal Habits that Save a Lot of Money

Nicci – A Farmhouse Full

Nicci is mom to 7 children (and one on the way, I think) who shares tips for large family logistics.  Now, with only three children myself I don’t exactly have a large family, but whether you have one or ten, Nicci is an inspiration for rocking the mom life. Nicci is jaw-dropping gorgeous and always has her make up done, which is something I simply can’t seem to manage with just three children who are not little ones anymore.

I relate to Nicci because we’re both homeschooling moms.

Here are some of my favorite A Farmhouse Full videos:

My Large Family Homemaking/Cleaning Schedule
9 Tips on Professionalizing Motherhood
Advice for Mothers with All “Littles” and no “Bigs” to Help Out

Tanessalyn Marks – The Unfrumpy Mommy Life

Tan is gorgeous, her home is gorgeous, her life is gorgeous.  That’s why I watch.  I can only be honest, mamas.  Tan and I definitely share similar tastes in minimalist decor.  She’s dedicated to being an Unfrumpy Mommy as her channel name implies.  While I’m a little more comfortable in my frumpiness than I’d like to admit, The Unfrumpy Mommy gives me motivation to make an effort more often.

I relate to Tan because we both live in the South and she used to homeschool her son.

Here are some of my favorite Unfrumpy Mommy videos:

DITL of a (Homeschooling) Stay at Home Mom
Thrifty Cabinet Organization
Parisian Inspired Pantry Organization

Talya Rose

Last, but certainly not least, is Talya Rose.  Talya, who currently lives with her husband and two children in an RV, is an inspiration for moms who are living a frugal, but happy, life.  Talya talks about how to live in a small space with a family and how to get your finances straight so that you are not simply getting by, but also getting ahead.  Talya is another mom who I’d love to be besties with.  She’s sweet with a smidge of sass and her joy for life is apparent.

I relate to Talya because of her commitment to healthy living and frugal living.

Here are some of my favorite Talya Rose videos:

Building a Budget on One Income
How We’re Paying Off Our House Early
Grocery Shopping on a Budget

So there they are – my 10 favorite You Tube moms.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down with them like I do whenever I get a chance.  I hope you find them as inspirational and motivational as I do.

My Favorite YouTube Mom Vloggers

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