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Five Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances

I remember the day my oven quit.  It simply refused to turn on again after a brief power outage and I, the lover of all things baking, was left loveless oven-less.  Somehow or the other we survived. Now that I think about it, I used my oven a lot less than I use five other smaller appliances in my kitchen.  If I thought I was lost without my oven, I’d really be lost without my favorite five small kitchen appliances.

While I waited on my new oven to be delivered (it would have cost more to repair my old oven than to buy a new one, I made several entries in my gratitude journal all about the kitchen appliances that I simply cannot live without.  (I added hyperbole to my gratitude list, as well.)

Now, when I say “small kitchen appliances” I’m not simply referring to appliances that work well for a small kitchen.  Although my kitchen is small, these are small appliances that are a must in any kitchen of any size!

The Slow Cooker is a Must-have Small Kitchen Appliance

Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Slow Cooker–If you’ve never tasted a whole chicken, roasted in the slow cooker to tender, fall-off-of-the-bone perfection . . . well?  What are you waiting for?  Buy one today!  Not a chicken.  A slow cooker.

The first time you cook a roast in your slow cooker, you will hyperventilate while attempting to inhale the incredible aroma that fills your home.  If you’re a working man or woman, coming home to the smell of a delicious, ready-to-eat, home cooked meal will lower your cortisol levels and save your marriage.

(Okay, I have no idea if either of those claims are backed by science, but having a slow cooker is a lot like (I’d imagine) having a personal chef.  I don’t know about you, but having a personal chef would lower my cortisol levels and allow me to do more than wave at my husband between soccer games and swim lessons.)

 A Coffee Bean Grinder is a Must Have Small Kitchen Appliance

Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Coffee bean grinderWhole bean coffee ground at home tastes better than bagged ground coffee.  I’m pretty sure this is absolutely scientific.  Essentially, when coffee beans are ground the surface area is increased and the coffee is more susceptible to oxidation and becoming stale.  Grinding coffee beans just before they are used leads to a tastier, more full-flavored cup of coffee.  One in which you can taste the different notes of flavor.  Of course, brew method, coffee brand and source, and the water used all factor in to the taste nuances, as well.

Don’t drink coffee?  You need a coffee grinder for spices, then.

If your coffee grinder will be pulling double-duty as both a bean grinder and a spice grinder, please be sure to clean it well between uses–unless you enjoy the taste of ground coriander in your coffee.  I know you know how I know.

A Cast Iron Griddle is a Must Have Small Kitchen Appliance

Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Cast Iron Griddle —  Okay, so this one is not technically an appliance, but it’s still a very necessary part of a real food kitchen!

I use my reversible griddle all the time for burgers, bacon, pancakes, eggs, grilled chicken and so much more.  We even took it camping with us and had a nice breakfast over an open fire.

I love that I can place the griddle over two stovetop eyes and have a single, large surface to cook on.  And, of course, as a lover of traditional foods, I all about cooking with cast iron.

(FYI, for fast clean up of your cast iron, use this brush.)


 A Toaster Oven is a Must Have Small Kitchen Appliance

Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

 A Toaster Oven — Since we ditched the microwave we have used a toaster oven to quickly heat and reheat food.  A toaster oven is small enough for the children to use it safely, but large enough and powerful enough to cook bacon.  It is so versatile.  Our toaster oven has a chicken rotisserie, as well, although I’ve never used it.  Still it’s nice to have the option if I should decide to try it out.

If you’re ready to stop using the microwave, it’s super easy to move from microwave to toaster oven without ever missing the microwave.  Give a shot! We never looked back once we made the switch,

 A Mini Food Processor is a Must Have Small Kitchen Appliance

Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Mini Food Processor –This small kitchen appliance is about as frivolous as a citrus juicer, but very handy when you only have a small amount of something to process (think a handful of herbs or an egg salad sandwich for one) and don’t want to lug out the big daddy processor and then have to clean all of the parts.

I use mine to process quick purees, chopped green veggies, nuts for nut butter and more.  It’s such a lovely convenience item to have close at hand.

Five Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances


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