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56 Free Language Arts Resources for Homeschoolers

Editor’s Note: This page is being updated to remove the resources that are no longer available and to add new free resources. Thank you for your patience!

Language arts is one of my favorite subjects to teach my children. Maybe because I’m a writer? Over the years, I’ve found many great free language arts resources for homeschoolers. We’ve enriched our language arts learning with what we’ve found on the web. Often our language arts curriculum for a cycle is made entirely of free, web-based resources.

Whether you’re looking for language arts worksheets, language arts games or websites that help teach your children (and you!) the ins and outs of grammar, punctuation, and writing, you’ll be sure to find the resources you need in my list of 56 free language arts resources for homeschoolers.

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Free Language Arts Websites for Homeschoolers

A Few of Our Favorite Free Language Arts Websites

1. – The link will point you directly to building sentences worksheets. offers free resources for other subjects, as well, so this is a site that you’ll see again in my free homeschooling resources posts.  You will need to sign up with in order to download the free worksheets.

2.  School Express – School Express has lots of free worksheets, again on various subjects.  The worksheet are colorful and appealing to children.  I’ve printed many worksheets from this site to supplement language arts lessons.

3.  Grammar Girl – Still confused about whom vs who?  If you want to check your grammar facts before teaching them to your children, Grammar Girl is your best friend.  Housed on the Quick and Dirty Tips website, Grammar Girl offers articles and a podcast to enrich your grammar knowledge.

4.  Mr. Nussbaum – This website is fun, fun, fun!  If your kiddos learn well by playing (like most kiddos do!) you need to check out Mr. Nussbaum.  The language arts games here teach spelling, typing, grammar and more.  This is one of the best play-and-learn websites around.

5.  Fun Brain – I know you’ve probably already heard of Fun Brain.  It’s one of the most popular of the free education sites, but it deserves a mention on my first go-around of free homeschooling resources.  Fun Brain offers a lot of language arts (and other subjects) games.  If you’ve never used it or it’s been a while, go give it a look-see!

More Free Language Arts Websites

6. SoftSchools

7. IXL Language Arts

8. English Grammar Online

9. Educators Reference Desk (Language Arts Lesson Plans)

10. Common Errors In English

11. English Basics

12. KISS Grammar (Free Language Arts Curriculum)

13. Spelling City

14. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

15. Story It

Free Language Arts Worksheets

16. Teach-nology

17. K12 Reader

18. Education World

19. Super Teacher Worksheets

20. School Express

21. TLS Books

22. Student Handouts

23. Ed Helper

24. Help Teaching

25. Turtle Diary

26. English Language Worksheets

27. Kid Zone

28. School on Wheels

29. English for Everyone

30. Worksheet Library

Free Language Arts Games

31. Sheppard Software (Language Arts Games)

32. Interactive Sites for Education

33. Game Aquarium

34. Game Classroom

35. Primary Games

36. Scholastic

37. PBS Kids

38. Toon University

39. ABCYa!

40. Arcademics

41. Room Recess

Free Language Arts Videos

42. Flocabulary

43. Watch Know Learn

44. Teaching Channel

45. Khan Academy Grammar

46. English Grammar Lessons

47. Grammaropolis

48. Writing Skills: The Paragraph

49. GED Language Arts Prep

50. Kids Educational Games

51. All About Nouns

52. Intro to Punctuation for Kids

53. Punctuation Lessons: The Comma

54. Punctuation Lessons: Colons and Semicolons

55.  5 Rules of Capitalization 

56. Speech Marks

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