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56 Free Homeschool Reading Resources

Editor’s Note: This page is being updated to remove the resources that are no longer available and to add new free resources. Thank you for your patience!

Fortunately for homeschooling parents there is no shortage of free homeschooling reading resources! Homeschooling doesn’t have to be an expensive venture.  There are so many online resources that are completely free.  We’re fortunate to live in the digital age with thousands of free homeschooling resources right at our fingertips.

I know from experience that a busy homeschool mom doesn’t have time to scour the internet for free reading worksheets, free reading programs, and other free reading resources. Fortunately, I’ve been homeschooling for a while now and have come across tons of great reading resources in that time.

I’ve created a list of 56 free homeschooling reading resources to share with you guys. Many of these I have used myself, but some of them I haven’t. I did check out every website, worksheet or program before listing it here, though, to make sure it was a good source that provides value even though it’s free.

The free reading resources I’ve listed range from teaching phonics, reading, and reading comprehension for all ages. So, even if you have older kids, there are still valuable websites here to check out.

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My Favorite Free Homeschool Reading Resources

The first five free homeschooling reading resources listed here are my personal favorites. I used them a ton when my boys were learning to read.

1.  Starfall— We love Starfall at my house!  Reading is fun when you use Starfall.  Tons of games at all different levels of learning.  And, they have a store with low-cost reading items, as well.

2.  Clifford Interactive Storybooks–Everyone’s favorite big red dog can your kiddos learn to read.  Check out these online books for your little reader.

3.  Mrs. Perkins’ Dolch Words–I use this site extensively for teaching my youngest his Dolch words.  She has all of the lists and they are easily printable.

4.  Reading Bear–Do you focus on phonetics?  If so, Reading Bear is a fun site for teaching the little ones all about phonics.

5.  Mr. Nussbaum–It’s good ol’ Mr. Nussbaum again.  Here he shares ton of worksheets for reading comprehension.  If you are looking for reading worksheets for older children, you’ll find them here!

More Free Reading Websites

6. StoryOnline

7. ABCya!

8. ReadTheory

9. Busy Teacher’s Cafe

10. Lantern Fish

11. K12Reader

12. Bookit Program

13. Read Write Think

14. Your Child Learns

15. The Reading Mama

16. JumpStart

17. Letter of the Week

18. KIZ Phonics

19. Progressive Phonics

20. All in One Homeschool

Free Videos for Learning to Read

One of the most valuable resources I’ve used for all homeschool subjects is YouTube. Here are our favorite YouTube Channels, Playlists or specific videos for teaching and learning reading.

21. Complabteacher (check out his playlists of Dolch sight words for each grade level)

22. School My Kid

23. First Step Reading

24. Hooplakidz – Phonic Sounds

25. Have Fun Teaching

Free Reading Worksheets

26. K5Learning

27. EReadingWorksheets

28. Have Fun Teaching


30. SuperTeacherWorksheets

31. RHL School

32. Great Schools

33. Teachers Pay Teachers

34. SoftSchools

35. Itsy Bitsy Fun

36. Scholastic Printables

37. Read Works

38. Teach-nology

39. TLSBooks

40. The Teacher’s Guide

Even More Free Reading Websites

41. Book Adventure

42. Lesson Pathways

43. Free Reading

44. Ambleside Online

45. CurrClick (look for weekly freebies on various subjects)

46. Read Works

47. Read to Success

Free Online Reading Games

48. PBSKids

49. Knowledge Adventure

50. Room Recess

51. Primary Games

52. Learning Today

53. Smarty Games

54. Fun Brain 

55. Turtle Diary

56. Bainbridge Class

I hope you and your children enjoy these awesome free homeschool reading resources!

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