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56 Free Homeschool Math Resources

After we spent way too much money on our first set of homeschool curriculum only to discover we hated it, I decided to create my own homeschool curriculum. While I love shopping for new, affordable homeschool workbooks and supplies, I quickly discovered that I could find tons of free homeschool resources online.

I’m excited to share my list of 56 free homeschool math resources with you.

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56 Free Math Resources for HomeschoolersFree Online Homeschool Math Resources – Make Math Homeschooling Easy and Free!

I know teaching math is overwhelming to some homeschool parents. Fortunately, there are tons of resources – from websites to worksheets to videos – to help you teach homeschool math or supplement the curriculum you use.

You don’t have to hire and expensive tutor or spend hundreds on a complete math curriculum if you do a little work on your own to piece together a frugal or free math plan for your children.

My Family’s Favorite Free Homeschool Math Websites

1.–I use this site daily.  Math-Drills has a ton of FREE worksheets for everything from basic operations to statistics.  These are great for teaching new math skills and for practice.  My boys use worksheets from Math Drills to practice math every day.

2.  Mathantics–This is a YouTube channel with all sorts of math lesson videos.  When I teach a new math concept, I often have the boys watch a video lesson, as well, to add clarity.  (I tend to do math a little differently than I was taught and it involves more intuition and reverse plug-and-chug than is actually teachable to anyone else.  So, you can see how my boys might need some supplemental teaching.  And, it keeps my husband-with-a-degree-in-Math happy.)

3.  Shmoop–Shmoop has more than just free math resources, so you will probably see it appear on some of my other free homeschooling resources lists.  As for Shmoop’s math pages, we like the simple lessons and the down-to-earth definitions of terms.  There are quite a few advertisements to distract you, but hey, it’s FREE.  They have to pay the bills, you know?  Definitely worth closing a few ad pop-ups to utilize the free math resources there.

More Free Math Websites

4.  Math TV


6. XP-Math

7. Educator’s Reference Desk – Math Lesson

8. EduPlace

9. NumberNut

10. Algebasics

Free Math Worksheets


12. SoftSchools

13. Homeschool Math

14. Math-Aids

15. Teach-nology

16. Math Worksheets 4 Kids

17. Kidzone

18. Math is Fun

19. Worksheets For Math

20. The Math Worksheet Site

21. Super Teacher Worksheets

22. Super Kids Math Worksheet Generator

23. Math Blaster

Free Math Games Websites

24. Cool-Math Games

25. Fun Brain

26. Math Playground

27. Knowledge Adventure

28. Math Game Time

29. PBS Kids


31. Primary Games

32. Math Learning Games

33. Math Blaster

34. Mind Games

35. Mr. Nussbaum Math Games

Free Math Videos and YouTube Channels

36. PatrickJMT

37. Math Mammoth

38. Wow Math

39. Mathademics 

40. Yay Math

41. A List of Multiplication Songs

42. Video Math Tutor

43. Ultimate Algebra

44. Mathantics

45. Math and Learning Videos for Kids

46. McCarthy Math Academy

Even More Free Math Websites

47. CK-12

48. Khan Academy

49. A Plus Click

50. Ten Marks

51. Math Planet


53. XtraMath

54. AAA Math

55. Math Chimp

56. Free Math Help

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