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56 FREE Homeschool Social Studies Resources

Editor’s Note: This page is being updated to remove the resources that are no longer available and to add new free resources. Thank you for your patience!

I’ll admit, I didn’t really enjoy social studies in school. While I remember a bit about geography, history is a blur. Sure, I memorized what I needed for tests and made good grades, but honestly, I just wasn’t interested.

So, when I began homeschooling my kids, I wanted to make sure they’d learn what they needed to despite my lack of interest in social studies subjects.

When my oldest son’s favorite subject turned out to be history, I knew I’d done something right.

The best part about teaching subjects like history, geography, politics, and cultures is that there are so many free social studies resources online. I’ve had a blast learning (or rather, re-learning) about these subjects over the years right alongside my kids. I’ve become very fond of social studies, especially history and politics, over the years because of my re-education. I’m thrilled my boys have come to love those subjects, as well.

Check out my list of 56 free homeschool social studies resources and make learning social studies an awesome experience for your family.

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Free Homeschool History ResourcesMy Favorite Free Social Studies Resources

1. Crash Course on YouTube – World History, World History 2,  US History, US Government and Politics, and Economics  – These Crash Course videos are thorough, but short enough that my boys don’t lose focus during the video. One of my favorite ways to learn alongside my boys is to watch the Crash Course videos and spend time afterward discussing the information and researching it further. FYI, the Crash Course series are better for older kids than elementary aged children.

2.  Liberty’s Kids Videos – If you want to supplement your history teaching with something fun and visual, check out the Liberty’s Kids videos on YouTube.  They are an excellent history resource for younger children.

3.  The History Cat – Featuring an online textbook layout, The History Cat currently has US History and World History available.  They also provide lesson plans. The History Cat is excellent for reading with your children or for them to explore alone.

4.  All-in-One-Homeschool–This is a complete 180 Geography and Cultures curriculum.  And these aren’t the only subjects All-in-One-Homeschool offers!  All-in-One-Homeschool is a valuable resource you should check out for all of your curricula needs!

5.   Thought.Co Free History Worksheets – Do you remember It was a great resource for homeschoolers. is now Fortunately, they maintained one of my favorite pages.  These history worksheets are a great find for any homeschool parent!  Check them out!

Free History Websites for Homeschoolers

6. Teaching American History

7. World History for All

8. Teaching History

Free Geography Websites for Homeschoolers

9. Ducksters – Geography for Kids

10. The World Factbook

Free History Worksheets for Homeschoolers

11. Free History Worksheets and Printables

12. TLsBooks Free History Worksheets

13. Student Handouts Free American History Worksheets, Outlines, Power Points, etc

14. History for Kids

15. Students of History

16. Help Teaching Free History Worksheets

17. JumpStart History Worksheets

18. Super Teacher Worksheets

19. History on the Net

20. Teach-nology History Worksheets

Free Geography Worksheets for Homeschoolers

21. Common Core Sheets Geography

22. 3-D Geography

23. TeacherVision Geography Printables

24. Geography Worksheets

25. TLsBooks Geography Worksheets

26. Student Handouts Geography Worksheets

27. JumpStart Geography Worksheets

28. What Are the Seven Continents Free Coloring Map

29. Homeschool Creations Free Geography Printables

30. Mr.Printables Maps and Geography

Free Economics Resources for Homeschoolers

31. The Homeschool Mom Free Homeschool Economics Resources

32. Free Online Principles of Economics Textbook

33. Chair the Fed – A Monetary Policy Game

34. Biz Kids

35. Social Studies for Kids – Economics

Free US Government Resources for Homeschoolers

36. – Free Civics and Government Worksheets

37. American Government Reading Comprehension Worksheets

38. Free Government Lesson Plans

Free History Videos for Homeschoolers

39. Homeschool Pop History Playlist

40. Free School – Ancient History for Kids Playlist

41. Free School – American History for Kids Playlist

42. Brookdale House – Free History Videos for Kids

43. Have Fun With History


Free Geography Videos for Homeschoolers

45. Homeschool Pop – US States Videos for Kids

46. WatchKnowLearn – Geography

47. Teacher Tube – Geography

48. NEOK12

Free History Games for Homeschoolers

49. KidsPast History Games

50. History Mystery

51. Mr.Donn History Games

Free Geography Games For Homeschoolers

52. – Geography Games

53. Maggie’s Earth Adventure – GeoSpy Game

54. EduPlace – GeoNet Game

55. States and Capitals Game

56. National Geography Geography Game

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