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Free Online Homeschooling Resources

There are so many free online homeschooling resources, proving that homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive.   I’d like to share with you the free online homeschooling resources I’ve found to be helpful.  This post will be updated as I discover more free homeschooling resources.  If you have one you’d like me to add, please leave it in the comments!

Free Homeschooling Worksheets

  1. Free Math Worksheets
    Excellent website for free math printables.  I get most of my math worksheets here.  In addition to the free math worksheets, there are free math games available on the website to help children strengthen their basic math skills.
  2. Free Handwriting Worksheets
    These are great for beginning readers and spellers.  My favorite thing about this website is that you can input your own letters, words and sentences to generate a personalized, lesson specific worksheet that works well in a unit study or that week’s spelling words.

Free Homeschool Reading Resources

  1. Starfall
    Starfall is an excellent resource for beginning readers.  I know, it’s probably not a new suggestion to anyone who has been home schooling or who has a preschooler, but it’s such a great site that it deserves a mention in this free homeschooling websites post!

Free Homeschooling Lesson Planning Websites

  1. Lesson Pathways
    Great resource for planning your own curriculum!  It works well for those with multiple students and even includes a planner.  All for FREE.
  2. Homeschoolshare
    Need unit study ideas?  This is your place.  Have a unit study you’d like to contribute?  This is also your place.
  3.  Donna Young 
    If you’re looking for free homeschool planning and organization resources, Donna Young is the site.  From homeschool to household, there are many different planners to suit your needs.  When I was a new homeschooling mom, the Donna Young website was one of the most helpful websites I found.
  4. Pete’s Power Point Station
    Pete’s Power Point Station is a website filled with power points outlining various subjects and topics. Need to teach your child the Dolch Site Words?  There’s a power point for that.  Learning about exponents?   There’s a power point for that.  Atomic structure?  Yep.  There’s one for that, too.  Check it out!
  5. Currclick
    Download various free curriculum helpers and other cool free resources.  The link takes you to the free downloads portion of the site, but there are useful, inexpensive downloads on other areas of the website.

Free Homeschooling Book

  1.  Children’s Books Online
    Can’t get to the library, but need some new children’s books in your bedtime rotation?  Children’s Books Online has the full version of many children’s books.  View them right there on the website for free or pay to download them so that you can view them when offline.  This would be great for anyone who has an iPad or Kindle Fire.  Snuggle up next to the kiddos and read, read, read.
  2. Storyline Online
    While on the subject of children’s book I can’t leave out Storyline Online.  Storyline Online has enlisted the help of famous actors and actresses to read popular children’s book.  Last night, we watched Ernest Borgnine read one of our top five favorite children’s books:  The Rainbow Fish.  Check out the website and see if one of your favorites (actor or book!) is represented there.

Free Homeschooling Multiplication Resources

When my sons were learning multiplication, we experimented with various ways of learning multiplication facts.  We started with a handy educational keyboard, which we love. I still recommend the keyboard for initial exposure and independent practice, but not, of course, for long term use.  In my experience it has been important for my sons to actually memorize multiplication facts, although usually we do not practice rote memorization as part of our learning plan.

Flash cards did not go over well and were extremely boring for us all.  Instead, we’re now using free multiplication videos from YouTube.  It’s fun, the music is relaxing and your child can watch the videos independently while I work with his or her siblings.  The boys can watch them on the iPod or computer, so there is versatility and convenience, as well.

Here are our top five favorite YouTube Channels for free multiplication videos online:

  1. The Multiplication Table Channel–Hands down our favorite, it covers all of the numbers 1-9 in various videos.  The music is relaxing and the videos are memorable.  I especially like that the videos are long and repetitive and, for an older child, can mean that memorization begins in as little as one viewing.
  2. The Multiplication Song–This video covers numbers 1-5 and is adorable.  It is great for younger children who are getting their first exposure to multiplication.  The video channel to which this video belongs also has a cute states song.
  3.  Multiplication Tables 2-6–This video covers numbers 1-6 and is quite upbeat.  It uses real children, so your child might identify with the actors and singers as children his or her age.  I recommend it for a fun break from the slower pace of other videos, but am not sure how memorable the songs are.
  4.  Math Songs 7X8–Groovy music, fun video, a focus on the pesky 7X8 multiplication problem.  If your child gets stuck on this particular fact, check out the video.  Also, check out the channel itself for other great math and science videos.
  5.  Finger Multiplication–This one is for you to have fun with, home school parent.  I don’t know that you should teach your children this technique only for several reasons.  Mostly, because it takes much longer to find a simple answer that should be easily recalled from memory.  But, since you already know your multiplication facts, I thought this was fun.  I love math for reasons like this.  Math is fun and amazing.

    Free Homeschooling Information

    Here are some links that will help new home schooling parents gather information and prepare to home school.  The first year we home schooled we made the decision just two weeks before school began.  I rushed around to find all of the information I could on the legalities and requirements of home schooling.  I hope this helps other parents who are preparing to begin home schooling in a short amount of time.

    1. National Home Education Legal Defense–While membership is not free, the NHELD website offers many free resources for learning about the legalities of home schooling in the United States.

    2.  A to Z Home School–The page I linked here will take you directly to the “Regions” page where you can look up information about home schooling in your state.  You’ll be able to read the law about home schooling in your state and, if your state requires it, you’ll find a list of cover schools.

    3.  Grade by Grade Course of Study–On’s home schooling channel you’ll find a wonderful guide  to a typical course of study for each grade level.

    4.  Are Your Home Schooled Children Learning?–This is one of my favorite articles about home schooling. It has given me reassurance and perspective time and again.

    5.  Home Schooling and Socialization–When you first begin home schooling you’ll likely meet with well-meaning grandparents and other relatives and friends who are concerned about the socialization of your children.  Here is an article that offers research on socialization and schooling.

Great “Field Trip” Ideas You Can Do From Home

Are you looking for activities to do this summer in place of school work or in addition to summer schooling?  Are some free, helpful websites.  Check them out!

1.  MuseumLink  With its many listings of museums in the United States and Canada, you’re sure to find a museum in your area to visit this summer.  Museum Link also includes several cool, virtual museums for those lazy, stay-at-home days.

2.  Association of Zoos and Aquariums  My children love visiting the zoo and the aquarium.  Although it gets quite hot outside in the summer, many zoos have indoor exhibits or water play areas that make a summer trip worth it.

3.  Field Trip Factory  I like this website because it breaks down the category by age or group type.  Enter your zip code to find field trips in your area.

4.  National Park Service  There’s no end to the fun that can be found at one of your local national parks.  Check out this website and be surprised at how many nationals parks you never knew existed!

5.  National Register of Historic Places  If I was surprised by the national parks in my area, I was stunned by the number of historic places I pulled up in my area!  Check out the National Register of Historic Places for fun and learning with your children this summer!

After making this initial list, I wanted to divide the free homeschooling resource by subject.  Please see these posts for links to free online homeschooling resources by subject:

Social Studies
Language Arts

We will continue to add to this list.  If you have any free online homeschooling resources you love that are not on the list, please leave a link in the comments and we’ll get it added.

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