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My Five Favorite Frugal Living YouTube Channels

Recently I posted a list of my 10 favorite YouTube moms. When I have time, I love to watch the great content these moms create to show us how they live their lives and to get tips on how to improve my own life.

Another genre of YouTube content that I enjoy watching is the frugal living channels. Frugal living is not something that comes naturally to me, although I love simple, minimalist living. I find that my favorite frugal living YouTubers give me the motivation and inspiration that I need to keep on the simple living path – and, of course, I save a ton of money along the way.

As a mom, I prefer my frugal living heroes to have children. I do follow several minimalist and frugal YouTubers (that I’ll talk about in a different post), but, naturally, I’m interested in seeing how other folks with kids live a frugal, simple lifestyle.  So, all of the YouTubers I highlight in this post have children.

So, here they are – in no particular order – my five favorite frugal living YouTube channels.


Big Family Homestead

Brad and Krista have 7 kids, y’all. And they feed them on just $250 per month. You have to watch the video above – and then subscribe and keep watching their videos.

Brad and Krista from Big Family Homestead are so much fun to watch. They are super relaxed – but totally organized – and seem like a couple that would be fun to hang out with at a BBQ – a frugal BBQ, of course.

They have provided me with so much frugal living and homesteading inspiration. (We’re not homesteading yet, but we’re working toward it.)

Pennies Into Pearls

Brittany is a Southern California mom and a breath of fresh air. She is living the mom life with young children at home and doing it on a budget. I love how she rolls on with real life while doing her haul video.

She does grocery shopping once a month (which is an excellent way to stay on a budget!) and posts videos about it. In addition, she has some cool DIY videos.

Go check out Pennies Into Pearls and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Lydia Senn

I know.  I’ve already listed Lydia as one of my favorite YouTube Moms.  But she’s also one of my favorite frugal living YouTubers. What I love about Lydia is that she understands the emotional side of frugal living.

Not everyone lives frugally because they think it’s fun or smart, you know what I mean?  Some folks have to live frugally or they can’t pay the bills or get out of debt.  Lydia has a sweet but fun way of speaking to those who are in the trenches of job loss, debt repayment and other tough life circumstances.

She’s bright, compassionate and smart – so go watch her videos and subscribe!

Living on a Dime

Tawra and Mike (and Tawra’s mom, Jill) have been living the frugal life for decades. This husband and wife team has made Living on a Dime one of the most informative frugal living YouTube channels I’ve found.

Living on a Dime is often live on Facebook and YouTube.  Unfortunately, I can’t always catch them live, so I watch the replays on YouTube and always learn something new about frugal living. Because their videos are packed with info and valuable recounts of their personal experience they sometimes run a little long.  When I don’t have time to watch a long video, I change the speed of the video on YouTube to save time. I don’t want to miss a minute of Tawra and Mike’s videos.

Go check out the video above to find out how they paid off $20K in debt on $22K per year in just five years.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

Wildflower Homeschool and Tiny House Homestead

I’ve just recently discovered Katie and the Wildflower Homeschool and Tiny House Homestead channel. Katie is a single, homeschooling mom and she’s rocking the frugal life.

I’m working my way through her videos now and I’m impressed by her dedication to frugal living and her understanding of how living simply enhances her life. So many people believe that not having material things is a negative thing.  Katie has less material things on purpose and has a richer life because of it.

Go watch the video above and find out how she’s worked out a $700 a month budget for her sweet family. Subscribe while you’re there!

I hope you enjoy my favorite frugal living YouTube channels as much as I do.  I’m sure you will learn a lot from each of them and be inspired to stay on the right track financially.

My 5 Favorite Frugal Living YouTubers

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