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The Importance of Freedom of Expression for Tweens

When I received an opportunity to write about freedom of expression for tweens in a post sponsored by Fruitocracy, I knew my sweet 10-year-old son would love to help me out.  As I may have mentioned a few (hundred) times, I’m a huge introvert.  My husband and my oldest two sons are also introverted. That’s why I was concerned when it became apparent that my youngest son is an extravert.  I worried for a time that he would grow up feeling as if he was born into the wrong (boring) family.

But, as he’s grown, he’s brought so much light and laughter to our family. While there are times when the rest of us need time alone in our own heads and he’d rather be engaged, I’ve found that allowing him to be himself – to freely express who he is – helps him to feel cherished.

Now, at the age of 10, he is growing into a lively boy with a limitless number of ideas about things he wants to do.  He engages in creative play and animated conversation every single day.  He wakes each morning with a zest for life that makes everyday seem like Christmas.

I’m glad we recognized and appreciated his uniqueness early on and allowed him to be himself.  His exuberance for life and his free-spirited way of seeing the world have brought so much joy into our family. As he moves through his tween years, I’m sure he’ll continue to dream, create and love life with the as much eagerness as ever.

Fruitocracy Supports Tween Self-Expression

Dole Fruitocracy Applesauce

One of the ways my son expresses himself is through his food choices.  He’s always been excited to try new things, but seeks to establish himself as unique from his brothers by choosing favorite foods and restaurants that are different from his brothers’ favorites.

It’s tough to be the youngest boy of three.  My son looks like his brothers, wears many of their hand-me-downs, has played with their old toys throughout the years, is the last to get to do new activities or sports and still needs help with some things that they’re tall enough, strong enough or old enough to do alone.

That’s why he was excited when I asked his opinion about Fruitocracy.  Here’s what he had to say:

“I like it (Fruitocracy) because there are so many different flavors.  I know that they (his brothers) will like the Apple Strawberry and Apple Pineapple, but my favorite is the Apple Cherry.”

“No one else on my soccer team brought applesauce as a snack for the team last season.  I could bring these and everyone could pick their favorite flavor.  They would like that!”

“Look mom!  I can eat a snack while I’m playing with my toy guns!”

Fruitocracy Tween Self Expression

Believe it or not, he’s my only boy who has ever had any interest in toy guns.  Maybe he likes them so much because there is no way a toy gun is a hand-me-down around here.  He gets all of his brand new.  It’s just one more way that he is free to be himself and to have his own interests.

Fruitocracy is Perfect for Healthy Tweens

Fruitocracy Applesauce Pouches

You guys know I talk about the importance of real food a lot.  My youngest son has a sweet tooth, but is conscious of the amount of sugar he consumes.  One of his favorite things about Fruitocracy is that he can read all of the ingredients and knows what they are.  There are no GMOs (he’s just started learning about those) and no high fructose corn syrup in Fruitocracy.

My sweet boy loves eating this snack that’s as real as he is!

Where to Buy Fruitocracy Applesauce Pouches

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Encourage Your Tween's Self Expression with Fruitocracy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DOLE Fruitocracy.

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