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Delicious Grass Fed Steak Recipes

Ten-year-old me wouldn’t believe that adult me sits writing an article to share my favorite grass fed steak recipes. Ten-year-old me thought steak was one of the worst foods she’d ever had the displeasure of eating.

Sometimes I can’t believe I once hated steak.  It only took one dry, chewy steak turn me off of the tastiest form of beef for my entire childhood and into my teens.  Fortunately, in my late teens a group of my friends persuaded me to eat with them at a popular steak restaurant.  I gave in and I’ve never looked back.

The first steak I ate in over a decade was grain fed and well done. A decade later I’d graduated to medium rare, grass fed steak. I’ve come a long way, for sure, but it took a little time to get it right.

Grass Fed Beef Needs to be Cooked Differently Than Grain Fed Beef

Years after my first taste of a delicious steak I discovered the nutritional benefits of grass fed beef. I tried my first grass fed steak and found that it tasted a bit different than the grain fed steak I was used to eating.  With a little help from the internet and some practice I turned the unfamiliar flavor of grass fed steak into delicious eats for my family!

Watch the Heat When Cooking Grass Fed Beef

I learned that grass fed beef needs to be cooked in a low and slow manner to retain its juiciness and tenderness. For that reason I always use the slow cooker for my grass fed beef roast recipe and grass fed beef stew recipe.

Ground beef is a little more forgiving, and it’s easier to flavor. (My grain-free meatloaf recipe is my most popular grass fed beef recipe.)

But steaks have been trickier to get just right. While my sixteen-year-old son loves a ribeye cooked simply in our Ninja Foodi pressure cooker (pressure cook two minutes on high with a cup of water, pat dry, oil, then broil for eight minutes on each side), I’ve experimented with many other recipes for grass fed steak. I’m excited to share my favorites with you.

Want to know more about grass fed beef? Check out my article Why is Grass Fed Beef Better?

Learn more about how to prepare grass fed beef so that its taste and texture are at their most appealing in the Tender Grassfed Meat cookbook.

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Ten Delicious Grass Fed Steak Recipes

How to cook Grass Fed Steak

Before I share my favorite grass fed steak recipes, check out these helpful articles about how to cook grass fed steak.


Now let’s get cooking!

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