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20 Lovely Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts from Etsy

This Mother’s Day will be a little different from those of years past. I want to do something extra special for my mom this year, so I opted for a handmade gift. I didn’t get started early enough to make something myself, so I hopped onto Etsy to browse for handmade Mother’s Day gifts.

I found so many beautiful Mother’s Day gift ideas on Etsy while I searched for the perfect gift for my mom. I’ll share below which one I ended up buying for her. While I was perusing the charming Etsy shops I compiled a list of twenty lovely handmade Mother’s Day gifts to share with you.

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Support Small Businesses While Shopping Safe at Home

Supporting small businesses remains one of my top reasons to shop Etsy all year long. Product quality and uniqueness are two more reasons why I shop Etsy. But now, I have another great reason to shop there – I can shop while safe at home. I know my mama will be proud of my prudent choice.

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts from Etsy

Be sure to check out Etsy’s Mother’s Day Editors’ Picks for even more beautiful Mother’s Day gift ideas.

And now the reason why you’re here: Twenty lovely handmade Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy. Be sure to check out the description of each gift below.

Handmade Lemongrass and Jasmine Candle

Image: MIZUbrand Etsy Shop

The MIZUbrand Etsy shop has created a Lemongrass and Jasmine soy candle that will make mom feel cozy. The spicy citrus notes of lemongrass blend with the sweet floral scents of jasmine, lavender, and rose in this beautiful natural soy candle.

Personalized Family Necklace with Children’s Names

Mom will wear this family necklace from Caitlyn Minimalist with pride. This customizable necklace features gold, rose gold, and silver interlocking circles that can display children’s names or other lettering of your choice.

Image: Caitlyn Minimalist Etsy Shop

Monogrammed Script Cosmetic Bag

Help mom organize her essentials with this beautiful monogrammed cosmetic bag from Etsy shop Three Two One. It comes in several pretty colors that make it the perfect gift for every mom.

Monogrammed Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Image: Three Two One Etsy Shop

Handmade Pixie Blue Apron

This adorable pixie blue apron from Mrs Nate USA makes a perfect gift for the mom who loves to cook or bake. The five star ratings on this one make it a great gift choice for mom.

Handmade Apron Pixie Blue

Image: Mrs Nate USA Etsy Shop

Porcelain Owl Stitch Markers

I admit it. This gift idea is for me. I love knitting and these porcelain owl stitch markers from Diana Sian Crafts are way cuter than my standard plastic stitch markers from the craft store. If your mama loves to knit, slip these beauties in a gift box for her this Mother’s Day.

Image: Diana Sian Crafts Etsy Shop

Hand Sewn Tablet Reading Pillow

Is your mom an avid ebook reader? This solid color tablet reading pillow makes a perfect gift gift for moms who love to read. Be sure to check out the other hand sewn goodies from the Lucky Elefant Designs Etsy shop.

Hand Sewn Tablet Reading Pillow

Image: Lucky Elefant Designs Etsy Shop

Leaf Drop Family Necklace

Here’s another beautiful family necklace that mom will love. The delicate design features from one to fourteen drop shaped birthstones and initial leaves. These necklaces from the Delezhen Etsy shop come in gold or silver.

Leaf Drop Family Necklace for Mom

Image: Delezhen Etsy Shop

Herb Garden Marker Spoons

For the mom who loves gardening these sweet herb garden marker spoons make a lovely and useful Mother’s Day gift. Check out the Eve of Joy Etsy shop for even more cool spoon designs.

Herb Garden Marker Spoons

Image: Eve of Joy Etsy Shop

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

Mom will thank you when she slides into a fragrant, relaxing bath with these beautiful aromatherapy bath bombs from L’Aura Botanicals. They come in a set of 12 with several assorted scents to choose from.

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

Image: L’Aura Botanicals Etsy Shop

Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Box

Shhh! Don’t tell my mom, but this is what I got her for Mother’s Day. (And, maybe I snagged a jar of whipped bath soap for myself. Hey! I’m a mom, too!) This gorgeous beauty gift box from Second Spring Naturals includes a handmade bath bomb, lip balm, soap, and shea butter cream. You can even write a sweet message on the enclosed Mother’s Day card.

Beauty Gift Box for Mom

Image: Second Spring Naturals Etsy Shop

Denim Blue Handmade Ceramic Yarn Bowl

I know – This is the second knitting related gift on the list. I’ll be honest – I was gathering a few ideas to hint my family in the right direction for Mother’s Day. I’ve been looking for a beautiful yarn bowl and this denim blue handmade ceramic yarn bowl is just gorgeous. If your mom loves to knit, too, be sure to check out the Enjoying Life Etsy shop for more knitting gift ideas.

Denim Blue Handmade Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Image: Enjoying Life Etsy Shop

Grandmother Tea Towel

Don’t forget Grandma this Mother’s Day! This pretty tea towel gift from Sweet Adela Designs displays the Grandma Motto – “I don’t spoil my grandkids. I’m just very accommodating.”

Tea Towel Gift for Grandma

Image: Sweet Adela Designs Etsy Shop

Mother-Daughter Bond Bracelet

What better way to symbolize the mother-daughter bond than with a beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry? This lovely Mother-Daughter Bond Bracelet from the Accessories Atelier Etsy shop comes in gold, rose gold, and silver.

Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Image: Accessories Atelier Etsy Shop

Handmade “You’re the Mom Everyone Wishes They Had” Sign

Give mom all the feels with this handmade You’re The Mom Everyone Wishes They Had sign. This Mother’s Day gift from The Gifted Oak Etsy shop will remind mom everyday that she’s truly the best.

Etsy Mother's Day Gifts

Image: Gifted Oak Etsy Shop

First My Mother, Forever My Friend Mug

This adorable First My Mother, Forever My Friend mug makes a great Mother’s Day gift. Show your deep affection for your mom with this cute mug from Let It Be Yours Company.

Mother's Day Gift Mug

Image: Let It Be Yours Co. Etsy Shop

Natural Soft Linen Scarf

Your mom will love dressing up her casual spring outfits with this lightweight natural linen scarf. I’ll be honest, this gorgeous find from Good Soft Goods is going on my Mother’s Day wish list right away. I’ve got my eye on the charcoal grey or lemon.

Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Image: Good Soft Goods Etsy Shop

Laser Cut Wood Journal

Does your mom keep a journal? If not, maybe she’d like to start one. Here’s a cool laser cut wood journal for her to record her thoughts and feelings. Be sure to check out the other journals from the Here After Etsy shop for more options.

Handmade Gifts for Moms

Image: Here After Etsy Shop

Goat’s Milk Soap Beauty Box

A goat’s milk beauty box packed with goodies makes a perfect handmade Mother’s Day gift. This beauty box from Deep Dell Soaps comes with two bars of goat’s milk soap, a soap deck, lotion, rose balm, a lotion stick, and a natural lip stain.

Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Image: Deep Dell Soaps Etsy Shop

Unwind Relaxation Box

This relaxation gift box comes with a neck warmer, a foot warmer, and a therapy pack. You can choose either lavender scented or unscented. Give mom the gift of relaxation with this awesome gift from the Feraputic Etsy shop.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Image: Ferapeutics Etsy Shop

Jewelry Organizer with Shelf

Send your mom a beautiful gift that will help her display and organize her lovely accessories. This jewelry organizer shelf from The Knotted Wood holds many pieces of jewelry with space on top to display other items that mom holds dear.

Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Image: The Knotted Wood Etsy Shop

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