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How Much Do Essential Oils Cost?

One of my first questions when I was introduced to essential oils was, “How much do essential oils cost?”  I wanted only the best essential oils after my disappointing experiences with health food store oils, but I do have a budget to consider.  Spending money on a fad-of-the-year product was not an option.  Joining a network marketing company and buying products I couldn’t/wouldn’t use in hopes of making a few bucks was also not an option.  I’d done that before and had sworn off MLMs forever because of my terrible experience.  I know many of you are working through the same considerations right now.

So, let me get right to the point.  How much do essential oils cost?

Well, it depends on which company you buy them from.  I compared the prices of two major essential oil companies (both of whom use networking marketing for advertising) because I had friends who had joined both.  The prices were comparable.  For some oils, one company had a lower price and for other oils the other company’s price was lower.  In the end I chose Young Living, in part,  because they had more oils available.  Going forward in this post, all references to essential oils are about Young Living oils, as they are the ones with which I have experience.

How much do I spend per month on essential oils?

I spend about $100 per month on essential oils.  I’m not required to spend that amount.   In fact, as a member, I’m not required to buy anything more than $50 worth of oils/products per year. I spend more because I am building a business with Young Living and I like to do essential oil giveaways and share samples with people who are interested in trying the oils.  I also spend a little more because I want to try all of the oils and enjoy creating new scent combinations with them.  I actually use the oils daily and want to build my stock of oils so that I can do everything I want to do with them.

(Editor’s Note:  I am now getting my oils for free each month via my “thank you check” from Young Living!)

Surprise!  How much do essential oils SAVE?

How am I able to budget $100 a month for essential oils?  It’s easy!  I have replaced at least 50 common household, personal care and pharmacy products with essential oils.  My household cleaning supply and personal care budget has been slashed!

Here is a list of 50 products that I have replaced with essential oils:

Editor’s Note:  Due to FDA rules I cannot share specific names of diseases or conditions for which I use EOs.  I cannot name specific medications that I have replaced with EOs.  I cannot make medical claims.  I am not a physician.  I have removed the names of specific medicines and conditions in order to maintain FDA compliance.

In my family’s medicine cabinet I have replaced:
21 common over-the-counter and prescription remedies.

In my family’s bathrooms I’ve replaced:
Body wash
Body spray/perfumes
Body lotion
Facial moisturizer
Anti-aging cream
Acne products
Hand sanitizer
Hand soap
Bubble bath
Massage oil
Warming gel/personal lubricant
Lip balm
Odor eaters

I’ve replaced the following cleaning products with essential oils:
Toilet cleaner
Floor cleaner
Glass cleaner
Dish soap
Laundry detergent
Dryer sheets
Carpet powder
Flea treatment
Ant spray
Air fresheners
Scented candles

I have been both shocked and pleased by the amount of products that I simply do not need anymore now that I have a good stock of essential oils to use.  For years I’ve sought to replace the harsh chemicals in many of those products.  Following a real food diet has made it possible to use less of the products in my medicine cabinet, of course, but essential oils have made it possible to walk away from them altogether.  

Essential oils are helping me to live a minimalist life of well-being on a budget.  Want more information about how you can save money and gain wellness with essential oils?  Find out how!

What are your favorite household uses for essential oils?


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