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Editor’s Note:  This post was written by Samara from My Adventure Called Life.  To find out more about Samara, please visit her website here and the contributor page here at Our Small Hours.  Be sure to follow Samara on social media:  InstagramTwitter, G+ and Pinterest.

Five Tips for Being a More Disciplined Person

I am not sure about you, but I am a huge advocate for living a healthy, disciplined life. I crave it, thrive when I am living it, and love it! As I am writing this I have already worked out, eaten breakfast, gotten ready, tidied, and prepared my material for teaching my English class in an hour. It is 8:30 AM, and I am on fire.

Now – if only I could say “this is just my life, always disciplined, intentional, and on top of all my tasks”. It is not, and that would be a lie. Today I am doing great, but what about every day? I want this to be a lifestyle, and not just a one off good day. This is what I am working towards, and I have found some very useful ways to help me get there.

How to Be More Disciplined in Life

Prioritize Your Life

What really matters to you? Is it working out? Eating healthy? Cleaning your house fully once a week? Being more organized? Getting up on time? Spending more time on YOU? Being more intentional? Getting ahead at work?

It does not have to be one thing. There could be a few things that you really want to focus on. Write them down, and make these the targets. I encourage you to start with just a couple. If you have too many items on your list of priorities you may feel overwhelmed, and as if you will never complete them.

Set Goals and Make Lists

Set short term and long term goals. For example;

  • Wake up at 6:45am three times this week and workout (short term)
  • Wake up at 6:45am every week day and workout (long term)
  • Make a to-do list each night for the next day (short term)
  • Have more organized days, and a more structured week (long term)

Setting short term and long term goals helps you reach goals, but still have something you are working towards. The short term goal may only be to wake up at 6:45am three times, but the long term goal is to make this a habit for every day.

Making lists, and writing things down helps you stay on top of things. Disciplined people are usually organized. Whether it is natural or learned – organization, and writing things down makes a huge difference.

Create an Action Plan

Okay – you have your priorities, and your goals. Now it is to putting them into action. The more preparation you do in advance the easier it is to follow through when the time comes. For example;

  • Wake up at 6:45am three times this week, and workout (goal)
    • Go to bed by 10pm. Have my workout clothes set out the night before. Choose my workout, and if possible set everything up the night before. (action plan)
  • Create a to-do list each night for what needs to be done the next day
    • Have a book, phone, or pad of paper already set out in a convenient spot. Beside your bed is a great place. Before you go to bed spend about 5 minutes thinking about your next day, and write down all of the things that you need to get done. Clears your head before you sleep, and will even give you more motivation to wake up in the morning. (action plan)

Make Time For Yourself

Something that I have learned is the value of taking care of you. It will help you live a more intentional life. When you are happy, and taken care of, it is easier to not only take care of those around you, but to also enjoy doing different tasks during the day and remaining disciplined. Have 20-30 minutes each day that is just yours. That time may be before you go to bed, once the kids are in bed, in the morning, or at lunch. Whenever it is make it about you. No one else. Listen to music, read a book, write, have a coffee, go for a run, or go for a walk – you choose. It is about your after-all

Eat Healthy and Be Active Once a Day

This is actually something people are striving for when they talk about wanting to be more disciplined but it actually helps you obtain that disciplined lifestyle you so badly desire.

Eating healthy helps you stay focused, and clear. It helps keep you healthy physically, and also makes you feel better. When I am eating a lot of sugar I tend to feel lazy, and unmotivated. When I am eating healthy I am a lot more alert, and willing to do more.

Working out clears your head, and helps you manage stressful days better. Adding these things to your days will really help you become more disciplined without having to try as hard. Even if it is just taking a 30 minute walk after dinner – it all helps.

The Bottom Line for Becoming More Self-Disciplined

It is a choice. When you say you are going to do something – DO IT. So many people say “okay, this week I will change” but then never do, and live to regret it later. Trust me – it is not always easy waking up early, or scratching items off my to-do list. Not at all, however, it is a choice. I am choosing to do these things even when I do not want too. And you can,too  — I promise that you will not regret bringing more discipline and intentional living into your lifestyle. It will only cause you to thrive, and in the end – be happier.

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