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5 Ways to Get Relief from Morning Sickness

My morning sickness with my first pregnancy was fairly typical.  I walked around in a nauseous haze from 6 weeks until 13 weeks.  Then, except for a strong gag reflex that got the best of me from time to time while I brushed my teeth, I had no problems with nausea or vomiting.  My pregnancy with my third son was similar. It was my pregnancy with my middle son that was a horrible experience with morning sickness.

I was sick – morning, noon, and night – during my entire pregnancy with him.  I had said since my first pregnancy that if I could get out of doing the first trimester of pregnancy, I would do the third trimester three times.  I’d rather feel like a lumbering hippopotamus than have constant nausea.

I got some relief from Sea-Bands and the five tips for easing morning sickness below.

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Your Morning Sickness Cure Might Be Just One Supplement Away

Did you know that most of us aren’t getting enough magnesium?  As it turns out, a lack of magnesium may be the cause of your morning sickness.

Eating a real food diet and staying away from processed foods can help to increase your magnesium intake. Fortunately, if eating is difficult because of your morning sickness, you can supplement with magnesium in various ways.

Here are some great ways to supplement with magnesium that don’t require swallowing a pill:

Drink Your Bone Broth

Not only can a warm cup of bone broth help to settle your stomach, it’s also packed full of nutrients to support you and your growing baby. The collagen and gelatin are great for tiny growing bones and for replenishing mom’s bones when pregnancy steals from them to nourish the baby.

The combination of protein and fat helps to calm your stomach and prevent it from emptying too quickly. (An empty stomach is a major cause of morning sickness.)

I recommend homemade slow cooker bone broth, but if you can’t or won’t make it yourself, I recommend the bone broth from Thrive Market. (You’ll get 20% off your first Thrive Market order through my link.)

Drink a Soothing Tea Throughout the Day

I know it’s difficult to eat and drink when you feel nauseated, but I can’t stress the importance of keeping your stomach from getting completely empty if you want to combat morning sickness.

One of the easiest ways I eased my morning sickness was by sipping on warm tea throughout the day. I kept a kettle on the stove ready to go. I loved lemon tea and, of course, ginger tea.

Here are great teas made just for pregnancy and morning sickness.

Diffuse Essential Oils

One of the biggest triggers for morning sickness nausea can be smells. Your sense of smell is magnified during pregnancy, so even the hint of a bad smell can bring on nausea.

Diffuse high quality essential oils to help clear the air. I recommend using oils that aren’t too flowery or heavy. Lavender is a flower oil that is crisp enough to be used when you’re feeling sick to your stomach. Other oils that are light and clean-smelling are lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine. (Even though you might think it will settle your stomach, stay away from fennel oil while pregnant.)

I use and recommend Young Living for the highest quality essential oils.

Get More Sleep

I know this one sounds like a no brainer, but are you really getting enough sleep? You need tons of sleep, pregnant mama. I’m talking 10 hours at night, plus a nap, especially by the middle of the 1st trimester.

Your body is working hard to meet your basic needs. Oh, and to grow another human being.

There’s no way around it – You need a lot of sleep.

I always found during pregnancy when I slept more I felt sick less.

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