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I’ve posted before about my weight loss since changing to a real food diet.  Because my body was healing from a number of conditions, I didn’t push myself to exercise.  Instead, I allowed my body time to heal before adding new activity to my new healthy lifestyle.

After losing 45 pounds, I returned to the workforce full-time.  The building I work in has lots of stairs and last Spring my office was moved to the second floor of the building.  Because the main printer was on the first floor and I did a lot of printing, I was up and down the stairs many times per day. If I wanted coffee or needed to go out to my car, I had to go down two flights of stairs to the basement.  I started every morning with a two-flight hike to my office, as well.  Within 6 weeks of my office being moved upstairs, I had lost 5 more pounds with no change my diet whatsoever!

Then, last Fall, my office moved again–this time to the basement.  I got a printer in my office just a few steps from my desk.  I no longer had to go up and down stairs throughout the day.  I also lost my two-flight morning hike up the stairs to my office.  I’m closer to my car and to the coffee machine, so my movement has been pretty limited. I don’t budge from my office too often and most days I eat lunch at my desk.

I have gained 10 pounds since October.  

There have been no changes to my diet, once again, but my lack of activity has definitely decreased.  (I’ve also been working on getting more sleep.  My sleep habits last Fall were not good and I believe that lack of sleep has contributed to my weight gain.)

Since I wasn’t finished losing weight with the 50 pounds I had lost, I have decided to get more active.  Spring is an intense time at my job and there will be days when I don’t have time to move from my desk until I leave for the day.  I needed a way to measure my activity. I need something to remind me when I’ve been at my desk all day to spend some time MOVING!

I decide to use an activity tracker to track my activity.  I began yesterday and, boy, was I shocked when I saw my totals at the end of the day.  I can’t believe how inactive I am!

Here are my stats from Day 1 of tracking my activity:

3846 Steps
1.66 Miles
6 Active Minutes
1595 Calories Burned

WOW!  Couch potato!  (Or desk potato, maybe?)

So, the activity challenge I have set for myself begins!  Here are my daily goals:

10000 Steps
30 Active Minutes

That’s it!

How I plan to accomplish that goal:

I plan to take the last 5 minutes of each hour (When they are available for taking.  If I’m in a meeting, there isn’t much I can do.) and walk.  Preferably I will walk up stairs.  I will take at least 10 minutes of my lunch time to get away from my desk and walk–again, upstairs if possible.

I will report my progress (including any weight loss) here each week, so be sure to check back in to see how I’m doing and keep me accountable!

Have you lose weight by tracking your activity?  Please share your story in the comments!

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