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Low carb lettuce wraps are a versatile way to have a delicious low-carb, keto-friendly dinner the whole family will love.

Low Carb Lettuce Wrap Recipes

My family loves tacos, but after months and months of Taco Tuesday, we got a little bored with same old thing. Also, I try to make sure our dinners are keto-friendly (even if the rest of the family gets their fill of carbs elsewhere). Taco Tuesday was the one night I struggled to keep grain out of my dinner.

Truth: I love a “double decker” taco with a crunchy taco shell inside of a soft flour tortilla. And, sadly, those carbs love my thighs and hate my digestive system. Ugh.

Lettuce to the rescue! When we wrap our taco fillings in a lettuce leaf, we get a crisp, delicious bite followed by a mouthful of flavor. And, we keep our carbs in check.

Fortunately, Pinterest has a ton of delicious, keto lettuce wrap recipes so we won’t get bored.

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Read on for my own lettuce wrapped ground beef taco recipe plus ten other delicious, low carb lettuce wrap recipes.

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Keto Lettuce Wraps

My Lettuce Wrapped Ground Beef Taco Recipe

Before I turned to Pinterest for lettuce wrap recipe inspiration, I simply used my own delicious and reliable ground beef taco recipe. It uses my own homemade taco seasoning recipe for authentic Mexican flavor.

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This easy grain-free weeknight dinner is a snap to make, even in the large quantity I need to feed my three teenage boys.

Believe it or not, lettuce wrap tacos are less messy than traditional tacos.  My boys love that the lettuce holds together better than a taco shell, but still provides a satisfying crunch.   The lettuce wraps can be left open, like the one in the picture, or wrapped more tightly in butter lettuce or iceberg lettuce leaves.

No matter how you choose to wrap these tacos, you’ll love this easy weeknight dinner that makes everyone happy.

Low Carb Lettuce Wrapped Taco Recipe

Here’s my own recipe for lettuce wrapped tacos. There is an option to print the recipe card if you need it.

Don’t forget to scroll down past my recipe to see ten other delicious, keto lettuce wrap recipes to add to your dinner meal plan rotation.

2 heads of romaine, butter, or iceberg (I love to use romaine and butter lettuce because the romaine provides crunch while the butter lettuce holds everything together.)
2 lbs of ground beef
4 Tbsp taco seasoning
6 oz of tomato paste
Cheese, sour cream, salsa or other toppings of your choice.

1. Cook the ground beef in a pan over medium heat until browned. (Don’t drain the fat.)
2. Add taco seasoning and tomato paste and combine with meat.
3. Place taco meat on individual lettuce leaves.
4. Add desired toppings.

More Low Carb Keto Friendly Lettuce Wrap Recipes

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