Mango Apricot Kombucha

Kombucha is a wonderful beverage that helps your liver to cleanse, your gut to heal and your energy level to rise, among other important things.  We drink kombucha daily for its health benefits.
I brew my own kombucha at home to save on the expense of store-bought kombucha and to always have kombucha on hand when my family desires it.  You can find out how I do that here.
While my family has no problem downing plain kombucha, at first we found it to be shockingly sour.  Drinking flavored kombucha helped us to ease into the plain stuff slowly.  There are different ways to flavor kombucha:  adding whole fruit, fruit purees, herbs, spices, etc.  The fastest way is to mix plain kombucha and fruit juice.
My favorite flavored kombucha to make at home is Mango-Apricot.  It’s super easy, calling only for plain kombucha and organic mango-apricot juice.
The amount of juice and kombucha you use will depend on your tastes.  If you are a new kombucha drinker and the sour taste still makes you shudder, add more juice.  If you enjoy the tangy flavor of plain kombucha, but are looking for some different, add a splash of juice.
What’s your favorite flavored kombucha?
Homemade Apricot Mango Kombucha