Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What on earth do moms want for Mother’s Day?  I’ll tell you what we want.  We want peace.  We want just one day off.  Oh yes, we want to be surrounded by our loving family and sweet children, but we also want someone else to clean up the spills all day, make sure everyone is dressed in matching clothing and has brushed their hair and teeth.

Dads and teenage children listen up!  We want just one day that someone else steps in and takes over and says, “Oh no, you sit!  I’ll get that.”  If you’re doing it right, you’ll be saying that about every 2.5 minutes because that’s the pace of a mom’s life. Just in case you’ve failed to notice. You’ve been warned.  

But, if that’s too much to ask, then here are some other ways to show your appreciation for Mom.

Here are my top ten picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas from my own wish list.

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