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How to Prevent the Stomach Flu Naturally

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a respiratory virus (cold) than a stomach virus.  When I have a cold, I still function pretty well during the day.  As long as I get enough sleep and I utilize my natural cold remedies, I can get through the day without too much trouble.

However, when I am hit with a stomach virus, my entire world comes to a screeching halt.  And, because I’d rather not discuss the worst symptoms of a stomach virus, I won’t explain to you why my whole world stops.  But you know.

I have found that the best way of dealing with a stomach virus and avoiding days on end of laundry and a zombie-like existence is to prevent myself from getting sick in the first place.

Heh. Easier said than done, right moms? Even if you are a homeschool mom like I am and you can avoid the germs that spread through a school like wildfire, you still have to grocery shop. Your kiddos are likely involved in extracurriculars. You simply can’t avoid viruses altogether.

So, since I know that some or all of my family will definitely be exposed to the stomach virus each winter I take precautions to prevent us from getting sick.

Of course, we practice good hand washing techniques. I carry Thieves spray and Thieves hand purifier in my purse at all times. The boys each have one of their own to carry in their pocket or soccer bag, as well. I support our immune systems by diffusing Thieves essential oil blend.

But, I have two more things I swear by to naturally prevent myself and my family from succumbing to the nasty old stomach bug.

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2 Ways to Prevent a Stomach Virus Naturally

My go-to stomach virus prevention remedies are . . . *drum roll* . . . animal fat and gelatin!
That’s right!  I eat lots of good saturated fat – butter, cream, whole milk, and coconut oil – and I get gelatin in my diet from a couple of sources.  The main source of gelatin in my diet is homemade bone broth (from local, pastured chickens, preferably).  I also eat snacks made with grass-fed gelatin.

Why Do I Eat Fat To Prevent the Stomach Flu?

It seems that eating a diet higher in fat leads to a reduction in the number of gastrointestinal viruses.  A study done with children showed those consuming a diet higher in milk fat were less likely to become victims of acute gastrointestinal illnesses.  (source)

Another study showed there are substances in bovine milk lipids that are bactericidal and therefore may prevent gastrointestinal illness associated with certain bacteria. (source)

Why Do I Eat Gelatin to Prevent the Stomach Flu?

Gelatin, which occurs naturally in homemade bone broth, binds to toxins (including viruses and bacteria in the gut) and helps to usher them out of the digestive system.  It helps to soothe and heal the stomach during and after a bout with a stomach virus if you should succumb.  (source)

How to Easily Get More Fat and Gelatin in Your Diet

Let’s get to the good stuff!  How can you get more fat and gelatin into your diet?  Well, naturally, you can eat full-fat dairy products, consume more coconut oil and eat animal fats such as bacon drippings, chicken skin, and chicken fat.

As for the gelatin, get some powdered grass-fed gelatin and add it to your coffee or tea, full-fat yogurts, smoothies, or juice.

Eat more soups made with homemade bone broth. (Find out how to make bone broth in the slow cooker. Then, check out my butternut squash soup, veggie and lentil soup, creamy chicken and vegetable soup, and creamy potato soup.)

Make homemade fruit juice gelatin.

If you’ve missed out on natural stomach virus prevention and have been hit by a nasty bug, be sure to add fat and gelatin to your diet once you’re better to strengthen your body and build up your reserves for the next round of tummy bugs that will inevitably want to invade your home and body!

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