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Does Oil Pulling Work?

I’m five days into my oil pulling experiment.  If you haven’t read the first post, check it out here.

While this is technically day 5, I forgot to oil pull this morning.  I’ve been a little fuzzy for the past couple of days and was out of sorts when I got up this morning.  Oil pulling completely slipped my mind.

As for the experience of oil pulling, it’s gotten better.  On day 2, I nearly lost it when, two minutes in, I gagged.  The mouth feel has been tough for me to get used to.  I spit out the oil, took a few deep breaths and started over.  I made it through that session and have had no problems with my gag reflex since.

I’m still using only a 1/2 tbs of coconut oil, but I have worked up to 7 minutes of continuous swishing.  I’m shooting for 8 tomorrow morning.

I didn’t have any health or skin issues that I was trying to solve through oil pulling, so I have nothing to report there.  What I can say is that over the past two days I have felt nauseated, fuzzy-headed and have developed a “detox rash” that also appears when I drink kombucha.  Now, my symptoms could be hormonal–the timing is right–but these symptoms are definitely the same ones I experience when I use kombucha to detox or cleanse.  So, hormones, coincidence or true detox, something has been different the past two days.

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That’s all I’ve got to report so far!  Check back next week for another update!

Does Oil Pulling Work

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