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Does Oil Pulling Work?

I’m five days into my oil pulling experiment.  If you haven’t read the first post, check it out here.

While this is technically day 5, I forgot to oil pull this morning.  I’ve been a little fuzzy for the past couple of days and was out of sorts when I got up this morning.  Oil pulling completely slipped my mind.

As for the experience of oil pulling, it’s gotten better.  On day 2, I nearly lost it when, two minutes in, I gagged.  The mouth feel has been tough for me to get used to.  I spit out the oil, took a few deep breaths and started over.  I made it through that session and have had no problems with my gag reflex since.

I’m still using only a 1/2 tbs of coconut oil, but I have worked up to 7 minutes of continuous swishing.  I’m shooting for 8 tomorrow morning.

I didn’t have any health or skin issues that I was trying to solve through oil pulling, so I have nothing to report there.  What I can say is that over the past two days I have felt nauseated, fuzzy-headed and have developed a “detox rash” that also appears when I drink kombucha.  Now, my symptoms could be hormonal–the timing is right–but these symptoms are definitely the same ones I experience when I use kombucha to detox or cleanse.  So, hormones, coincidence or true detox, something has been different the past two days.

That’s all I’ve got to report so far!  Check back next week for another update!

Does Oil Pulling Work

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