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Does Oil Pulling Work?

I’ve officially been oil pulling for over a week now and I think it’s going well.  I’m getting used to the mouth feel of the coconut oil, although I think I might leave it in a warmer place over night so that I don’t have to chew it before it melts.  *shudder*

I’m up to 10 minutes at a time and have started brushing my teeth with a coconut oil and baking soda mixture afterward.  The reason I never brush my teeth before breakfast is because it makes the food taste horrible.  The baking soda/coconut mixture leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh with no peppermint aftertaste.  (I’ll post my recipe for the toothpaste soon.)

What I’ve noticed since beginning my oil pulling experiment:

  • My teeth and gums look amazing.  My teeth are whiter and my gums look healthier.
  • I think I’m having detox symptoms and the past two days were really bad.  I had a massive headache for nearly two days and felt generally run-down.
  • I’ve had some digestive issues.

So far, other than my teeth looking and feeling like I just left the dentist, I haven’t had any positive effects from oil pulling.  I’m only 9 days in and pulling for only 10 minutes, though, so we’ll see!

Check back next week when I’ll update again.

Does Oil Pulling Work

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