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Does Oil Pulling Work?

It’s been over 6 weeks since I started my oil-pulling experiment.  If you haven’t been reading along, I’ll give you some background.

I started oil-pulling just to see what would happen.  I’ve heard wonderful things about the practice of oil-pulling and wanted to experience some of those great health effects myself.  I’ve read that oil-pulling can improve oral health, skin health, energy levels and even cure chronic disease.  I don’t have any chronic health issues, except stress and gluten induced IBS, so I didn’t need oil-pulling to work miracles.

When I began oil-pulling, the mouth feel took some getting used to.  Once I overcame the oddness of swishing oil in my mouth for an extended amount of time, oil-pulling became an easy part of my morning routine.  I oil-pulled daily at first (missing 1-2 days per week most weeks) and have now settled into an every-other-day routine that seems to work well for me.  I swish about a tablespoon of  coconut oil for 10-15 minutes, usually while in the shower.

(I did experience some detox symptoms the first couple of weeks of oil-pulling.  After week three, however, I felt much better.)

What Oil-Pulling Has Done For Me

  • Cleaner mouth
  • Healthier-looking gums
  • Fresh-from-the-dentist mouth feel and taste after oil-pulling

What Oil-Pulling May Have Done For Me

  • Prevented break-outs (I don’t break out often, but I haven’t had any acne since beginning my oil-pulling 6 weeks ago.)

What Oil-Pulling Did NOT do For Me

  • Anything miraculous or earth-shattering.
  • IBS symptoms from stress were not lessened.
  • No extra energy.

So, there you have it!  I have to say my experience with oil-pulling has been a positive one.  I will definitely continue to oil-pull because I love the way my mouth looks and feels afterward.  I think it is a healthy practice, but I’m not convinced that it is a the cure-all for me that others have found it to be.

What’s your experience with oil-pulling?

Does Oil Pulling Work

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