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Paleo Meal Plans

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that the Paleo diet (the primal version) is the way of eating that benefits my family the most.  As we transitioned from a Standard American Diet to a Real Food Diet, the hardest thing wasn’t giving up our favorite grain-and-sugar filled foods.  No, the most difficult thing was meal planning!

I’ve always used meal plans to save money, time and curb wastefulness. Meal plans are definitely worth using, especially if you are on a budget or don’t have time to plan meals and shop for food on a day-by-day basis.

Because there are few convenience meals compatible with a real food or Paleo diet, planning is a must in order to get healthy, nutritious meals on the table for my family each evening.  Since becoming a working mom nearly two years ago, meal plans have become vital.  I simply don’t have time to wing it in the kitchen or shop every day for meal ingredients.

Meal Planning Takes Time

Unfortunately, making meal plans, especially real food or paleo meal plans, takes time.  A search for recipes on Pinterest reveals that there are plenty of recipes containing processed ingredients and fewer that are made of real, paleo-friendly ingredients.  Sorting through those recipes takes time.  Creating a grocery list takes time, as well.

Recently, I found a Paleo meal planner that has helped me to save time on meal planning. I don’t have to think about meal planning anymore.  It’s such a relief to be free of spending time sorting through recipes, hoping to be inspired with new recipes and then planning the menu for the week or month.  Real Plans has saved my sanity, you guys!

The best thing about Real Plans is that you aren’t simply limited to Paleo meal plans.  Real Plans offers meal plans for vegetarians and traditional (Weston A Price-style) diets, as well.  And within the three types of meal plans you have a gluten-free and/or dairy-free option. Real Plans is perfect for those on special diets.

How Much Do The Meal Plans Cost?

Because I know you want to know!  How about only $6 per month?!  At that price, why would you NOT use this meal planner?

How Many Days at a Time Does it Plan?

You’ll get four weeks of meal plans at a time.  That way, if you like to plan your meals by the month and shop in bulk for ingredients, you can.

How Much Time Does it Really Save?

Using Real Plans has saved me several hours per week.  Before Real Plans, I’d spend a couple of hours per week going through recipes online and in cookbooks, picking out the ones I wanted, pinning them or putting them in my One Note.  Then I’d have to go through and put all of the links to the recipe in one place, decide which recipes to make which day and compile them all into a spreadsheet calendar.  Then I’d have to go through the recipes again to make a grocery list.  It was time-consuming, but of course, it was worth the money and time saved not having to plan and shop daily.

Now, I save even more time and money because Real Plans helps me to make enough food for leftovers or for freezing for later.  I can create and print a grocery list right there in the program, so no more combing through the recipes to see what I’ll need.  And the best part is that I no longer have to search out the recipes myself.  Real Plans does that for me. (And the mobile version lets me see my meal plans and shop even if I’ve left my grocery list at home!)

To get started with your Real Plans meal plans, click here.

Decide whether you want Paleo, Traditional or Vegetarian plans and start saving time and money TODAY!