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Paleo Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

When I was a child, Thanksgiving was a lovely holiday that meant lots of delicious, comforting food. My father, who was born and raised in the Northeastern US made his homemade turkey stuffing and my mother, who was born in raised in the Southeastern US, made her homemade chicken and cornbread dressing.

Do you have any idea how much bread it takes to make stuffing and dressing? The answer is lots. Lots and lots of bread.

Combined with the lovely dinner rolls and pies, we were carbin’ it up at Thanksgiving. Oh, there was turkey and plenty of veggies, but I preferred to fill my plate with the starchy stuff!

Fast forward to several years ago when my family began following a real food diet with a preference for paleo and primal eating. Suddenly Thanksgiving seemed impossible. If we couldn’t eat our traditional family favorites anymore because they were all grain and sugar filled, what on earth would we eat?

Each year since we’ve either gone strictly paleo for Thanksgiving, put the real food lifestyle to the side for the day so that we could enjoy Thanksgiving with family, or done some wonderful combination of real food Thanksgiving dishes and our old carb-heavy favorites. The last choice has turned out to the be the healthiest for us since the other two options come with some degree of stress over what we’re eating.

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Still, if you prefer to have a strictly Paleo Thanksgiving it’s entirely possible and absolutely delicious. It does not have to be a lackluster affair of meat with a side of meat, as some might assume. There are plenty of Paleo options available to replace your favorite high-carb, processed favorites. There is also lots of room for trying to new Paleo dishes and serving new recipes that will eventually become your family’s traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Read on for some of my favorite Paleo Thanksgiving recipes!

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Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with grain-laden, dairy-heavy comfort food dishes. It can be tough for someone living the Paleo lifestyle to find typical holiday recipes that are grain-free, dairy-free and wholesome. It’s not impossible, however, to have a wonderful paleo Thanksgiving dinner with everything from turkey to pie.

I got with several of my favorite real food paleo bloggers for an awesome list of Paleo Thanksgiving dishes that are sure to your make your Thanksgiving both healthy and delicious!

Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

Paleo Turkey Recipes

Pale Turkey Recipes

Maple Bacon Turkey from EatPlayLoveMore

The Best Turkey Ever from Raia’s Recipes

Sage Rubbed Turkey Breast from Happy Healthnut

Turkey Brine from Recipes to Nourish

Paleo Thanksgiving Sides

Paleo Thanksgiving Sides

Roasted Butternut Squash from Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!

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Easy Hasselback Potatoes from Oh Snap! Let’s Eat

Paleo-Style Greenbean Casserole from Paleo Gone Sassy

Paleo Garlic Mashed Potatoes from Paleo Gone Sassy

Paleo Cranberry Salad from Paleo Gone Sassy

Bacon Cranberry Roasted Brussels Sprout with Honey Dijon Dressing from So . . . Let’s Hang Out

Paleo Sausage Stuffing from Hollywood Homestead

Creamy Squash and Apple Soup from Raia’s Recipes

Honey Spiced Sweet Potatoes from Raia’s Recipes

Cranberry Orange Relish with Ginger and Nuts from Delicious Obsessions

Classic Cranberry Sauce from Happy Healthnut

Cranberry Cherry Applesauce from Recipes to Nourish

Roasted Sweet Potato Puree with Coconut, Orange and Ginger from And Here We Are

Eleven Paleo Thanksgiving Sides from Sugar Free Glow

Paleo Thanksgiving Desserts

Paleo Thanksgiving Desserts

Paleo Apple Crisp from Paleo Gone Sassy

Honey Walnut Apple Crisp from Raia’s Recipes

Apple Pie with Fennel and Ginger from Delicious Obsessions

Crockpot Apple Pumpkin Butter from MIX | Wellness

Cranberry Mint Mousse from Happy Healthnut

Easy Homemade Mini Pumpkin Pies from The Real Food Guide

Enjoy your yummy Paleo Thanksgiving!

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