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The No Poo Method Didn’t Work For Me

It’s no secret that I like my personal care products to be as natural as possible. I use a natural deodorant, make my own body wash, toothpaste and facial moisturizer. I want to avoid sulfates and parabens and formaldehyde. Oh my.

So, I heard about the no poo method of hair care and decided to try it. I have thick, fine, slightly wavy hair. Before the no poo method I was washing it every other day. After two days without shampooing, my hair was pretty gross. When I don’t use conditioner, I have a lot of static and “flyaways”.

I decided to use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to cleanse my hair. If you aren’t familiar with the no poo method, the baking soda is used to clean the hair and the apple cider vinegar is used to rinse and condition.

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Does No Poo Damage Your Hair

Can You Do No Poo Wrong?

From the start, I wondered if I was doing no-poo wrong. The first time I used the no poo method, my hair felt like straw afterward. I waited a couple of days and rewashed. My hair still felt like straw.

I googled to see why the no-poo method made my hair feel gross. I was told that I just hadn’t given it long enough.

That was easy to believe. I knew from experience that trying new, more natural ways of doing things sometimes required a reset of our bodies. Often it requires an expectation adjustment, as well. I was will to keep trying.

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I waited. I kept at it. My hair still felt like straw. I wanted it to look like these amazing no poo pictures, but it never did.

My No-Poo Experience Continued to Get Worse

After a month I wasn’t leaving the house without a ponytail or a hat. My hair was long enough that I could pull it into a bun for work. My hair didn’t smell. It was clean. But it looked awful.

About five weeks into the baking soda and apple cider routine, I discovered that plain liquid castile soap could be used as an all-in-one shampoo and body wash. I thought for sure that it would make my hair feel less dry, but it didn’t. Castile soap left a coating on my hair that made it feel weighed down and made it look stringy.

I’m Done With No-Poo

After the castile-soap-as-shampoo incident, I went to the health food to purchase the most natural shampoo I could find. I washed my hair twice to get the castile soap residue out. My hair looked great again. I decided that no-poo wasn’t for me, though the thought of saving time in the shower and using natural household products to save money and lessen the amount of toxins my skin absorbed was very appealing.

Recently I came across this article: Does the No Poo Method Damage Hair? and this one: Baking Soda Damaged My Hair. I knew I’d made the right decision.

However, I wasn’t giving up on finding the best natural, toxin-free shampoo to use. Read on to see what I do instead of no-poo to get the benefits of a natural hair care routine.

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I Gave Up No Poo For an Awesome Natural Shampoo But I Still Shampoo Less

After six weeks of the no poo method, I went back to using shampoo. The first natural shampoo and conditioner I tried were these – this shampoo and this conditioner. For a while I switched it up now and again with this shampoo and conditioner from Alba because it smells amazing.

Eventually I become a Young Living member and discovered their lovely Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner. It was everything I wanted in a natural shampoo and then some. Instead of fake fragrances that even some of the most popular natural shampoos use, Young Living uses essential oils. It doesn’t contain any of the nasty toxins or carcinogens that I want to avoid

I now wash my hair about twice per week. It doesn’t get gross between washes like it used to. The less I wash, the longer it takes between washes for my hair to look dirty. That’s one of the main the goals I wanted to accomplish with no-poo – to get my scalp to calm down and not overproduce oils because I was washing them away all of the time.

No Poo Really Does Work for Some People

Even though the no poo method didn’t work for me, it still works for many folks. My friend Ashlee of the Crunchy Moose recently started this amazing website dedicated to natural hair care. It covers many different ways to go poo-free. If no poo is going to work for you you’ll probably find your best no poo method there!

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Another great resource is It’s a Love/Love Thing’s 10 tips for going no poo.

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