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Preschool Letter K Activities

Your kiddos will love learning their letters with these fun letter K activities. As a former preschool teacher and a current homeschool mom I know that learning happens best when it’s made fun. I loved doing fun educational activities in my preschool class and at home with my boys when they were little.

One of my favorite ways to teach was through crafts and coloring pages. I’d balance the fun activities with interesting worksheets that taught the concepts being learned.

Today I want to share with you some resources I’ve collected that will help you teach the letter K to preschoolers.

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Free Letter K Worksheets

Let’s start with the worksheets. Teach your little ones to write both uppercase K and lowercase k with these free printable letter K worksheets.

Free Printable Customizable Handwriting Worksheets

Before I share the specific, pre-made printable worksheets I’ve found I want to share a resource that has been incredibly useful to me over the years –

You can create and print customized handwriting worksheets with this resource. Use it for letter tracing or word tracing. Handwriting Worksheets is such a valuable free homeschooling resource.

Now let’s get to the fun worksheets!

Letter K Alphabet Worksheet Packet

This letter K worksheet packet provides tons of worksheets for your preschooler.


Trace the Letter K Words

Teach your little one new words beginning with the letter K while they practice their handwriting.


Letter K Connect the Dots Worksheet

This fun worksheet helps your child learn to recognize the letter K.


Letter K Handwriting Practice Worksheet

Practice makes perfect! Use this letter K handwriting practice worksheet to teach your child how to write the letter K.


Multi Activity Letter K Worksheet

This worksheet provides several fun letter K activities.


More Letter K Writing Practice Worksheet

Here’s another letter K writing practice worksheet to keep your preschooler from becoming bored with the same one every day.


Multi Activity Letter K Worksheet and Coloring Page

This great worksheet combines letter K writing activities with coloring for fun learning.


Free Letter K Coloring Pages

Next, we move along to the letter K coloring pages. Coloring pages are a fun way to teach preschoolers what letters look like. Many coloring pages also teach beginning letter sounds by displaying common nouns that start with the featured letter.

Simple Uppercase and Lowercase Letter K Coloring Page

This coloring page is simple and helps your child learn to recognize both uppercase and lowercase letter K/k.


Letter K Dot Coloring Page

Your preschooler can color this sheet with dot markers or regular markers.


K is for Kangaroo Coloring Sheet

This cute kangaroo creates a fun way to learn about the letter K while coloring.


K is for Kitten Coloring Page

Here’s a cuddly kitten to inspire your little one’s love for both animals and color while learning about the letter K.


K is for Kindness Coloring Page

Use this as part of a letter K lesson and as part of a positive character trait lesson.


Letter K Crafts for Preschoolers

These fun letter K crafts and activities will spark your little one’s creativity and teach them all about the letter K and letter K words.

K is for King Letter K Craft

Your kiddo will love coloring and placing jewelx on the crown with this letter K craft.


K is for Kiwi Letter K Craft

Did you know that kiwis are a good source of vitamin K? That makes this craft perfect for a lesson on the letter K.


K is for Kitten Letter K Craft

No letter K craft collection is complete without a kitten craft, right?


K is for Kite Cupcake Liner Craft

This cupcake liner kite craft is pretty and fun.


K is for Kick the Cup Activity

So, this one isn’t a craft, but a fun activity to help your preschooler learn more about the letter K.


K is for Key Letter K Craft

This shiny letter K key craft is fun for preschoolers.


K is for King Handprint Craft

Preserve those sweet preschooler handprints with this K is for King handprint craft.


K is for Kite Pasta Craft

Pasta and paint crafts are always a hit! Try this K is for kite craft with your preschooler.


More Letter Teaching Resources
Here are a few more letter teaching worksheets, activities and other resources you may find useful.
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Spectrum Early Writing Practice

Letter Writing Practice Sand Tray

Letter Writing Sand Tray

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