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 What Does a Quarter of Grass Beef Look Like?

A couple of weeks ago, we purchased our first 1/4 grass-fed beef from a local farm.  We have tasted heaven and there’s no going back now.  Grass-fed beef tastes, well, like a cow should.  There is definitely a more complex flavor to the meat, but it’s not gamey and the texture is just right.

So far we’ve had several pounds of ground beef, an arm roast, cube steaks, and a couple of t-bones.  Yum!

In case you’re interested, here is what we received with our order:

1/4 grass-fed beef:
38 lbs of ground beef
6 packages cube steak (4 steaks per package)
6 packages rib steak
2 packages brisket
4 packages stew meat
1 package sirloin
1 package arm roast
2 packages ribs
3 packages chuck roast
4 packages t-bone steak (2 steaks per package)

Here is a picture of our grass-fed beef haul!

Quarter Grass Fed Beef pin