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Real Food Diary – What I Ate Today

It doesn’t matter what type of diet you follow – there is always a place for pizza.

Today I made my sourdough pizza crust and topped each pizza with yumminess and love.

Of course, there was a pepperoni for the boys. I also rolled out a slightly thinner crust and topped it with mushrooms, green peppers, and olives – my favorite pizza toppings.

So, grab a slice and come check out my last food real diary entry

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Avocado Toast topped with sliced grape tomatoes and sprinkled with Real Salt

Coffee with grass-fed cream and coconut sugar


Honeycrisp Apple


Greek Salad



Iced Tea sweetened with raw honey

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Before you go!

This is how I get a real food dinner on the table on even the busiest evenings. It’s all about planning, baby. Check it out!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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