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Real Food Diary – What I Ate Today

I try to keep my diet low in grains because I feel best when I eat a lot of protein. But sometimes a girl just wants a bagel, right?

Today was a fun day, but it was tough to keep the food real. I visited my hometown for the first time in a while and we had a barbeque.

Even though the food wasn’t ideal for a real food diet, it was delicious. Frankly, it’s just not worth it to me to make a big deal over fun food with friends and family. In fact, I wrote an article about how to eat healthy at parties without being a food snob.

The truth is, I ate plenty of real food today, I just had some extra stuff, as well.

To see what I mean, read on to today’s real food diary entry.

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Blueberry bagel

Organic cream cheese

Coffee with grass-fed, low-temp pasteurized heavy cream and coconut sugar


1 banana


Family BBQ!

Burger (refined, white flour bun, CAFO meat from the grocery store, bottled BBQ sauce in the meat–you know, pretty typical Standard American fare.  And I enjoyed every bite while enjoying time with my family!)

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Blueberries straight off of the bush

Potatoes and green beans from my dad’s garden


Kombucha and organic cranberry/blueberry juice

Tomato, avocado, and goat cheese salad with olive oil, honey and real salt

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Before you go!

This is how I get a real food dinner on the table on even the busiest evenings. It’s all about planning, baby. Check it out!

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